IYAN: TRANSITION | Prophetic Mandates

As we enter into the month of IYAN, which is the second month of the Hebrew Calendar I wanted to write to send you the Prophetic Mandates for this month.

This is a month of transition when those events which seemed unconnected begin to connect;  this is a time to walk through into a new promise for the journey that’s ahead.

This month of IYAN is when the Israelites walked from the Egypt  to Sinai. This journey is also called the Omer, or the counting off of 49 days. It is also the time when Israel received the law of the covenant.

This month is when we celebrate Pentecost – the giving of the Holy Spirit. This Thursday evening when we celebrate First Fruits for this month, will be day 17 of the Hebrew IYAN. I sense the Lord saying there will be 30 days of increased revelation and meditation that we will walk into.

This is a time of walking into healing: the month of IYAN is an acrostic for: I am Jehovah your healer, Exodus 15 v 28 –  As each of the Hebrew letters represent a word. There will also be a release of covenant promise, Psalm 107 v 20,  and many will walk into a place of physical, relational and financial healing,  with wholeness being a hallmark for these coming 30 days.

Israel would have been oppressed by Pharaoh’s words whilst under his command for 400 years and under the dominance of his taskmasters. But in this time, they started their journey to a place where they entered into worship; worship will have a key place this month. This season will be marked by the removal of all other voices so we can hear the voice of the Spirit with such clarity.  John 10 v 4 says: My sheep know My voice.

This is a time when we journey from Passover to Pentecost, from Redemption to Revelation; this month of IYAN will be marked by refining and radiance.

Come and join in this First Fruit celebration on Thursday evening and walk into your place of wholeness as you prepare for Pentecost.


Trevor Baker

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