SIVAN: ENLARGEMENT | Prophetic Mandates

This is the beginning of the month of Sivan, the month that will complete the first quarter of the Hebrew year.

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost signifying the glorious display of the fulfilment of the promise of God described in Joel 2: I will pour out my Spirit! There will be a new anointing during this month to release an outpouring of the double portion of His Spirit so we can move forward on our journey with Him in a supernatural realm.

Exodus 19 v 1: in the third month after they left Egypt they came to Sinai.

I decree the completion of the last season and the beginning of a new season. I declare a new strength to our walk, stepping forward out of situations that oppressed us, and from problems that held us back.

Anything that hinders our walk and progress in the purposes God has for us, will be overcome through receiving His Word and following the Spirit. I believe we are moving into a new authority in the word and an increase of the Spirit’s power. The word and the Spirit will empower us to move into a greater understanding of our covenant relationship with Him.

His healing presence will remove restrictions, pain and disease in your body in the areas of movement; this is a time to walk! Keep your spirit open for new impartations of healing this month.

Here in the UK we are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee Year of the Queen’s Ascension to the throne. As in the natural, so then the spiritual: a new Kingly Anointing will be released leading to a new measure of signs wonders and miracles.

This will also be a time when our ears and eyes need to be open to hear and see the manifest presence of God. Sinai was both a listening and seeing experience: God wants us to listen attentively and see what He is doing. I release an awakened sensitivity for hearing and seeing God with clarity and focus.

The month of Sivan is connected with the tribe of Zebulun; this month will be marked with new opportunity for increase, extension and enlargement. For those involved in business, it will be a time of creativity and innovative ideas springing from the listening and seeing again.

In this month of Sivan, let’s move forward with our eye to the future, ready to extend our horizons.

Trevor Baker


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