TAMMUZ: CROSS OVER | Prophetic Mandates

Today we are entering the fourth month of the Hebrew calendar, the month called Tammuz. This month is connected with the tribe of Reuben, the firstborn son of Jacob. Reuben means to see! The ruby stone is also representative of this month, and it is a stone that was placed upon the breastplate of the High Priest.

This month of Tammuz is a bridge time when we cross over from one season to another: all the preparation for sowing are complete and we cross over and see a new season. It is a time for each of us to cross over after seeing the prophetic promises sown into our lives, as seeds of faith.

Tammuz was the time Moses sent the spies out to explore the Promised Land, in order to bring back a report of what they had seen. See Numbers 13.

This is the time we need to look afresh at the prophetic promises God has given to us so we can enter into the reality of them. How we view our situation and circumstances will determine whether we enter into God’s promises or go round another cycle of wandering.

In this three month period, isolated events that have happened to us will begin to connect together – watch for the connects!


Three keys for you to look for in this season will be:

1. People – men and women who God is bringing into your life. There will be new relationships formed and old ones re-established. Be aware of the angelic in this season for there will be visitations. All these relationships are to promote and advance you into a new sphere of influence.


2. Events – what God is doing. There have been events in our lives that lacked meaning. The Spirit of understanding is going to give understanding and wisdom about the events that have been taking place that seemed confusing and conflicting. This will result in a sense of completion and fullness that will usher in the third key.


3. Moments – specific times when God fulfills what He had promised. In Genesis 18:1-15 we read that a twenty four year cycle of barrenness was broken and a time of birthing was announced and activated against all natural possibility and reason.


This is a time to shift into the Spirit realm and hear what the Spirit is saying. I sense the Lord is saying, “Guard your eyes”. Remember that what you see and the way you see will be important.

Philippians 4:8-9 will be a wonderful aid in this season.

The Holy Spirit is about to anoint the eyes of your heart – Ephesians 1:17-19 – to see hope, inheritance and power released for the time of crossing over as we enter the fullness of what He has promised!

This extended season will end with us celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles at Revival Fires, over the weekend of September 27th – 29th. Last month the Lord showed Jeff Jansen and myself independently that He was gathering 300 leaders together that will be a tipping point in ushering in a fresh outpouring of the Spirit. I shared this with Chuck Pierce and he had a witness that he should also come to the Tabernacles Celebration in Dudley. During this time we will hold a 24 hour Watch and Worship event, Entering into Glory.

Make plans to join us in this gathering and check out our website for further details.

May you be blessed to cross over and see what God has promised in this month of Tammuz.


Trevor Baker

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