All the little things that matter to us

Dear Revival Fires,
I just wanted to share my testimony with you, as its an amazing one and all glory and honour goes to our God for this miracle that has taken place.
There was a plethora of problems I have faced while trying to qualify as a barrister. I should have qualified 12 years ago at the age of 23 but my progression has been severely stunted and riddled with problems, including: parents/ relatives that I was caring for in their illnesses being rushed into hospital literally the night before / on the days of assessments, and all sorts of problems that would never unfold on any other day of the 365 days of a year, but just so happened to during the important times of my studies. Year after year this took place and it just couldn’t have been a coincidence.
The implications of such delays has meant that being able to join a Chamber’s to practice has become challenging and I personally began to feel very inadequate… BUT God. This very hopeless situation was further compounded by me having to delay my last 4 exams from last year – but with so many hospital stays for both parents and the resulting ‘low grades’ in previous modules, it has meant that I HAD to achieve over 70%-75% in all 4 remaining modules in order to pass the course finally with a decent grade of ‘very competent’. These last 4 modules are performing/advocacy modules which makes it harder to achieve such high percentages.
The miracle… In the first of these exams that I took in April, I achieved 75%. This was by no way through my doing, as although my performance was good the barrister who marked me on the day wasn’t very fond of me delaying my studies. I was convinced he would fail me but if God is for me who can be against me?!
Today the result of the 2nd exam came out… and it was 74%! This is the biggest miracle that I want to share with you, as during the advocacy peformance in May I fell apart and actually messed it up in an epic way. There is absolutely no way that I have got this result through my own ability – it is Jesus and Jesus alone that has done it through His grace and favour in my life!!!  Against all odds my God is more than able to resurrect a dead situation!
Today my mother has also received a miracle – she is in hospital right now and has been told that there is nothing wrong with her heart and she wont need a pacemaker! Glory to God!
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support and prayers. Of a multitude of vessel’s, you positioned yourself to impart God’s love to me – someone through which God has restored my faith, favour and hope… and I thank you and bless you for being such am amazing blessing in my life. I also thank you for the scripture that God gave you last week for me “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” – I stood on that promise and spoke it and it came to pass today. I did see the goodness of the Lord. I know I’ll see it for my parents healing from those fatal diseases too.
For me this testimony is nothing short of a resurrection! It just goes to show that our Lord cares about everything, not just the healings but education and all the little things that matter to us, such a loving God we serve. Our Father’s name be glorified through this miracle.
With lots of love and blessings,

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