Healings Continue!

We have three amazing healing testimonies for you to read, all have happened at the ARC in different meetings.  We look forward to welcoming you to the ARC.

One mum brought her daughter to the Healing Clinic, aged eight to be prayed for.  Here is her testimony – in her own words:

“I have 1 foot (right foot) half a size smaller than the other. Richard, Viola and Violet prayed for me and kept saying “fire! fire!” After a while of praying I felt like my foot was being pulled but it wasn’t painful. And then when my feet were put together they were the same, and when my feet were in my trainers they felt the exact same room for my feet, before my right trainer or shoe was always more roomy or floppy. I didn’t think it would happen and it did! The Lord is perfect and I really know that for myself now. He does help people. It’s cool!”

We continue to help and minister to individuals and families through the HOPE mornings, where we pray, encourage and give out food parcels. This encouraging testimony was given to us signed by William who comes in regularly confirming a double miracle healing:

“I was in agony with arthritis in the left knee a ligament problem too which I have suffered for forty years, and a back problem due to sciatica for twelve years. I had prayer during a HOPE morning, I felt warmth, the pain went instantly, and I have had no problems for a month.”

Katrina and Trevor attended an Outpouring Meeting and received healing:

“Trevor had been in chronic pain in his lower back and groin area for some weeks. He had refused to see a doctor. After Katrina spoke to RF team asking for prayer, she brought Trevor to the Friday night meeting. He was prayed for and spoken to by Trevor Baker, Tom and Richard. Richard urged him to go to a doctor. After that night he was 75% better. The pain reduced massively. Trevor has not been nearly as bad since that night. The uroligist was absolutely amazed that Trevor had not collapsed, confirming that the hand of God was in this.”

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