Healing Rooms Update, Sept / Oct 2012

Revival Fires holds a Walk In Healing Clinic every Wednesday from 2pm – 4pm, where a trained team offers prayer for healing needs.  This is a summary of testimonies for the healing room sessions in September and October 2012.

Sarah prayed for cystitis – reduction in pain, more healed day after and very touched by God.

Karen prayed for leg cramps at night – these have only happened 2 or 3 times since (last 4 weeks huge improvement).

Peter prayed for MS – felt very touched by God’s spirit and some new sensations in his legs.

Lady, Zahra, visited for prayer for anxiety, depression, mental trauma, no testimony but her first prayer was “I don’t know if I should be here” and at that moment her SAT NAV in her bag went off and said “You’ve arrived at your destination” which made her feel peaceful and God confirming.

Salvation! for one of the visitors!

Lady prayed for joint pain/ digestive issues and felt better after prayer.

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