Healing Testimonies

God is moving powerfully with healings and an awakened sense of His presence at these live streaming meetings from the Durban revival, South Africa. Here are some testimonies of the healings which have already taken place:

A lady who had problems with painful and cracking knees said they felt completely different, very smooth. She said she was amazed.

A lady with a curved spine felt heat and an increase in movement. She was able to get off the floor much more quickly, and she felt more supple in her left hip.

We heard about a boy who was prayed for over the phone during the previous meeting here and was suffering from ADHD/brain damage. He has been able to speak in a new way since the prayer.

We received good news about a man we had been praying for. The cancer on his head turned out to be ‘the friendly one’ (benign) and his arms, ribs and knee are getting better. His daughter had gone back to school after being off with an illness.

Come receive prayer & impartation; bring the sick, those in need of breakthrough and your friends! Visit our website for meeting times, http://www.revivalfires.org.uk

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