This testimony was sent in by Adele, whose shoulder was healed:

“While in the outpouring meeting on Thursday night, I came into the service with a bad shoulder. I had it for three weeks on and off. I was prayed or by one of the prayer ministry team and I could move it to a point where I could lift it up in the air without any pain. “


 This is a testimony filled out by Mr. S Laweford, who has experienced God’s great favour:

“Four weeks ago, I received an email from James Morris MP to help me set up my company and help me find the investment for my product development. Three weeks ago I was delivered from alcoholism. Thank you, Jesus. Then, two weeks ago, my son’s grandparents forgave me and my son comes round to stay more often. One week ago, my girlfriend came back to me after praying for our relationship. This week I called for a job on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to the interview. I start the job on Monday. I am so thankful to You Jesus and I love You so so much. God bless my brothers and sisters, amen. “

This is Susan’s testimony of a harvest of evangelism:

“I (Susan) ministered to a man by the name of Deran on Thursday 11th July and led him in a sinner’s prayer to commit himself to the Lord, and I prayed for his wife who was suffering from a failing kidney. The next day, he phoned us to say the prayer works and that he feels better. My husband, who answered the call, ended up praying with his wife, daughter and grandchildren. Three generations of that family experienced God. Trevor prophesied over us ‘Fruitfulness’ and it has begun this month. We have been evangelising since April this year.”

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