Healing testimony!

Here is a wonderful testimony of healing we received recently:

Joy had been suffering from asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, severe pain and could barely leave the house. She watched Todd in South Africa on God TV and the same night had a vision to come to Revival Fires. She was told that the same anointing would be here and that God would meet with her!

During the meeting she went forward for prayer and was invited on to the stage. She says “the glory of God zapped me”. She was laughing uncontrollably and was drunk in the Spirit. Later, when she had returned to her seat, she flew backwards and hit the floor in a powerful encounter with God.

After this meeting, she discovered that she had brand new optical nerves (The Muslim optician asked her if she had had a divine intervention). Also the weakness, infirmity and oppression had left. In her words:

“I have gone from degradation, poverty, curses, depression, sickness and disease to a woman of destiny.”

She is now about to open a shop, is using her creative giftings, and is coming off all social security benefits!

Come to our regular meetings at Revival Fires; Thursdays from 7.30pm and Sundays from 10.30am. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the church and to pray for His to touch and change any area of your life that you need His breakthrough in.

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