Eczema Healed!

We recently received this encouraging testimony via email. No matter how big – or small – the issue may appear, God cares enough about you to make a way! Be encouraged.


Dear Trevor & Sharon

My friend and I came to one of your Thursday night meetings last month, at which time you talked about sowing into our prophetic words.

I had an eczema on my right arm that was very itchy and swollen. We had prayed but it had not left, in fact it had got worse and and had spread. It was a distraction and intended to take my focus off the Lord. I went up for prayer for healing and Trevor prayed for me. Just as he stepped away from me I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon me. It was wonderful. I checked my hand on the way home and the swelling had noticeably reduced. By the morning, all the eczema had cleared up and only a shadow remained – which cleared up too!

This is to say thank you for your prayer and faith in the Living God.

Love & blessings


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