Mission Report: Darjeeling, India, October 2013

We arrived in Darjeeling to speak at a 4 day conference at the Full Gospel Fellowship, with other church leaders in the region present. I started today by sharing that the prayers and worship raised in this church, have made it a thin place, a place where heaven and earth meet, and the Kingdom of God is near; you can sense his presence in a tangible way.

However, through pursuing political separation as the Gorkhaland, following a period of quiet, recently Darjeeling has suffered much unrest and agitation.

In May 2010 one of the key political leaders of Darjeeling was hacked to death in a public street, whilst preparing to address the people. In 2011 a young woman was shot at point blank range in a local protest. Over the last few weeks a young man set himself on fire becoming a human sacrifice, for this same cause of the Gorkhaland seceding from West Bengal. Two other young men also set themselves alight, and though they survived were badly burnt.

Then I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to identify the blockages that would prevent, limit and control this region from fulfilling it’s God given assignment – ungodly thrones set up against God’s purpose being fulfilled. These were

  1. An iniquitous throne
  2. An throne of illegal bloodshed
  3. An illegal throne of human blood sacrifice

I led the local leaders in a prayer of identification repentance – We, and our leaders have shed blood in this city. We needed to release the strongholds of Satan and release the power of God into this city.

We prayed to ask God to forgive us through identification repentance on behalf of the city; for the illegal bloodshed in this city, for the blood sacrifice in this city, so that God may establish his kingdom once more in this place. Through repentance, we asked for God’s forgiveness to come down and heaven’s throne to be established at the gates of our city, for God’s rule and reign to come down.

As a representative of the generation of the young man who sacrificed himself, a young man prayed blessing over this city. Then a young woman prayed on behalf of the young girl who was shot.

After this time of repentance there followed such a release of revelation regarding influencing and extending the rule of heaven by possessing and occupying the field, the sphere of influence, the territory assigned to us. Just as the disciples returned from casting out demons and healing the sick, Jesus declared he saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

This all took place the day after the Phaiin typhoon struck the East coast of India and displaced a million people; Darjeeling was at the edge of this rainstorm and was still receiving the tail end of out of season rain till 15th October.
Trevor Baker
October 16th 2013

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