India Mission report – Darjeeling, Gangtok & Bhutan!

Hello from India and Bhutan!

 We are so grateful for your prayers, you need to know how much of a difference  it makes for us  here to know you are praying back home – a big thank you! We tell the churches here too that there is a Firewall of prayer going on round the clock, and they are really blessed that we remember them all.
We already visited Papa’s House, and they are all very fine, as they say!
The meetings in Darjeeling were amazing and there was at least 500 people there for the full 4 days.  Trevor taught with such authority, there was an amazing flow in the Spirit, and great response.
The Gorkhaland which is where Darjeeling is, is trying to secede from West Bengal and we taught, prophesied and prayed into the agitation and unrest that has been over the city at this time. We sensed amazing breakthroughs in prayer. Then after 3 more days of intense teaching, the Holy Spirit broke out and we thought you would love to hear the report of what happened next!! (This is just as I wrote it while it was taking place):
  • Spontaneous laughter is breaking out particularly in the women, then in the pastors.
  • One teenage boy sitting on the front row i literally did a back flip, and him and his chair flew into the air scarcely missing the person in the second row across the aisle; he looked totally startled! Someone helped him back into his place and he sat down gingerly.  After that he sat holding his chair tightly with 2 hands as if it might happen again at any time unknown to him!
  • Women held their sides and their stomachs – aching from laughing! Some used their scarves to wipe their tears of laughter and others dishevelled from emotion tried to tidy their hair!
  • Pastors rocked on their chairs; some lay back, their arms laying limp at their sides as if they were completely full after eating a huge meal.
  • Some stood up craning their necks to see what was happening to others as they burst out in fits of laughter.
  • Then the boy on the front row back-flipped again, totally gob smacked as at the first!  This time he just rolled towards the platform in a ball! He managed to jump back onto his chair and held his head in his hands, but obviously still overpowered by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s presence on him.  He tried holding his chair tighter but I am not sure it was helping!
  • Some trembled, some danced or jumped up and down on their chairs, some simply watched with sheer enjoyment seeing God breaking out in the lives of all around.

This delightful outbreak of joy came like wave after wave, for around 25 minutes, and then Trevor said: “There is a wonderful healing anointing here right now; if you have tumours growths or cancers, let’s pray”

Well, here are some of the testimonies that followed:


  • Lady with growth on her head, pain disappeared and growth shrunk
  • Lump in man’s stomach gone
  • Woman had painful lump in breast, now pain and lump has gone
  • Several more growths healed
  • Around 15 people healed of deafness
  • Heart conditions powerfully touched including one young girl and others
  • Conditions such as chest problems, breathing, and a general wave of healing for bones, backs, skin, breathing, masses of people healed

Praise God, it was wonderful!

Gangtok – just there for one day, but again over 500 people showed up, and drank in the teaching on God’s Apostolic order for the church, and then of course we prayed for everyone!

And finally – as you know – our other visas came through on Wednesday, meaning by the time you are hearing this, we will be in Bhutan! It is our first time through this door, and it feels like we’re the spies being sent to spy out the land. We want to be those 2 that come back with a good report!

Missing you all – but the curry’s good!!

With our love
Trevor and Sharon

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