India Mission Trip Update – Kalchini and Binagari

Trevor, Sharon and the Mission Team have sent us this report from India. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we are excited to share this with you:

The first day of the conference at Kalchine was like digging concrete.  We have had meetings on 3 occasions in this rural area in Dooars, but the resistance was tangible; it was bleak!  I have never known a time when both Trevor and I wanted to get up and leave, literally because the message was simply not being received. We realised there was a huge amount of fear and control in operation and both young and old were bound by tradition and servant mentality in the church.

But the second day, after prayer and speaking freedom into the resistant hearts, and realising the assignment we have to carry out here, we arrived to find around twice as many people present, about 400 in attendance. And the atmosphere had changed: it seemed like a completely different conference.  God is here in power!  There is an outbreak of the Holy Spirit and supernatural miracles are starting to happen. It’s already happening here!

A pastor wrote an article last week in outright disagreement with Trevor on the point of falling backwards or forwards under the power of the Holy Spirit.  He was at some of the meetings but would not come and speak with Trevor, so at the meeting this afternoon, Trevor addressed this publicly in the meeting.  People responded by cheering at the presence of God!

Then, a lovely little girl of around 4 years of age who was paralysed and had no strength or use in her limbs came for prayer. She could not walk when she arrived, but was soon able to put some weight on her feet and press down against Trevor’s hands. This was the beginning of her healing: her mom said that she could never do that before and we are praying that her limbs will be totally restored.  Another boy came who was deaf and he was totally healed. Many more received prayer including back problems, knee problems and asthma were healed.

Then there was a final call for healing and miracles.  About 12 people stepped into the healing presence.  Here are the testimonies that took place before our eyes:

  • One girl said, I can feel his presence; there was burning in my eyes; I have had it for 6 years, but standing in his healing presence, I can feel his presence healing me
  •  A young man after coming to the healing presence said, My leg was heavy but now it feels lighter!
  •  Another girl said she used to shake but now I am feeling lighter.
  •  One said, I used to have bad dreams, but now I am feeling lighter, he is delivering me from nightmares.
  •  Another lady could breath easier and is feeling lighter!
  •  A young woman said I was sat at the door and my head was hurting very badly but now the pain has gone
  •  A man with bad toothache is getting assurance it is going to be alright!
  •  A man who had deafness is fully restored  – he was healed this morning
  •  A woman had pain in her body earlier, but now pain is reducing!

Then everyone stood with lifted hands for prayer for supernatural anointing in the spheres of influence that God has placed them in. Trevor released a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, for their own lives, and into the door for this town of Kalchine for effective ministry.

At the end of the conference this afternoon, Trevor and Sharon spoke about the fullness of the Holy Spirit and about 100 people came forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.  They were so hungry for God! After prayer, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke in other tongues!

Pastor Jigme closed the meetings saying that it was a life changing moment for Kalchine! Praise God.

On Friday night, we started The Binnaguri Meetings, after being welcomed to the football ground with dancers, drummers, helium balloons and a police escort!

The choir led an amazing time worship that released every person to lift up the name of Jesus in the crusade ground! We danced and sang and honoured the Lord with our applause and shouts!!


When Trevor got up to speak, God had shown him a TV screen with the healings he was about to perform in the meeting – eyes being opened, left eye problems especially, the blind would be healed, growths and tumours, ears would  pop open!

As people came forward for prayer, Trevor anointed them with oil, and many fell down under the power of God! Long lines of people with eye problems, pain, cornea problems, and those who were blind were healed! Praise God. Then long lines of deaf men and women also came up, hearing restored and smiles on their faces as they told us!  When we prayed for the tumours, they literally shrank and starting disappearing immediately.  They were healed as the anointing oil was rubbed in! Tumours disappeared from all over peoples bodies –  necks, backs, chest, head! Wow!

At the salvation call after Trevor spoke, around 500 people responded to Christ, Hallelujah!!

Then Saturday morning  Trevor was teaching about laughter and saying that ha ha ha is the same in every language! It tells the person you’re with that I’m OK and you’re OK. Daniel tried to interpret but broke into laughter, and began jumping and shouting on stage. He could no longer interpret because every time he tried to talk, he could not get out a word except to laugh or cry! His translation was a visual aid to the message of being overcome with joy. He passed the mic onto Benjamin, then Daniel tried again, but could get no words out, even thought he opened his mouth and lifted his hand as if he was ready to speak! Another translator came on the platform, he said, I am OK, I am fine and  breathed deeply! We found out his name was Happy!!!

Trevor finished the meeting by saying – God has given us a prescription for joy in His presence – are you taking your medicine?! The joy of the Lord is your strength, so sign up to God’s Heavenly Health Service!
Trevor & Sharon Baker

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