India Mission Report: Healings from in Binnaguri

Healings from in Binnaguri

As Trevor called for people with kidney problems, a line of men and women came on stage and before anyone even laid a hand on them or prayed they started falling down and the power of God was all over them.  One man with kidney problems with lots of pain from a kidney stone and he had no money to go to doctors to get it looked at. He came with pain and left without any pain at all! Then every person in a long line of men and women with kidney problems experienced the same healing within moments!!

We then called for people to come forward with cancers, growths and tumours. One lady came with a growth on her neck, all swollen and finding it hard to speak; she looked so poorly. After prayer, she was now able to speak more freely than she was before and the growth was being miraculously healed.  She was totally overwhelmed. She could hardly stand as she tried to give her testimony.  With a huge smile on her tearful face, she said Jesus got me better.
Many growths in the throat and neck in particular were seen to reduce and pain just went, hallelujah! We even watched as a baby with a growth on her neck went down!

At the end of the night as all the team went down to pray for the crowds, a woman with paralysis in her arm following a fracture, was totally restored. She had full movement and her grip was like a plasterer’s grip!! When she gave testimony, she told us she was due to have her arm amputated as it was useless, but God healed her totally, and she could now go back to work!!

About 1000 people were at the seminar as Trevor taught about God’s covenant of Healing. Some were under the roof, some were sitting in full sunshine holding their umbrellas to give them some shade.  28 pastors came forward for communion last Sunday and stood together to receive the bread and wine. Then a table was set up and the pastors administered the bread and wine.


Sunday evening 27 October

Worship was amazing and the people danced all over the ground, led by the young people of Binnaguri choir, abandoning themselves to God’s praise. People again watched from their rooftops and from the street.  7 buses collected workers from the tea gardens and the villages around. More paralysed people were healed tonight too! Mute people could speak, that was amazing to first hear a boy then a lady  whose face shining and so happy, say their first words! We prayed for so many people and saw endless healings and miracles!


Just a quick summary – we both preached our hearts out at this School of the Supernatural! Trevor taught on the strongholds in the region, especially the throne of idolatry and we prayed and  broke down thrones, replacing them with the throne of worship to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus! As I taught about the order of worship in the church, I also called the Deborahs to arise and take their place..I asked if possible in the tea break, husbands and wives that you could spend a time a few minutes honouring each other. Then there was a sudden outbreak as some of the men ran over towards the women’s section and they embraced each other, and stood with their arms around each other. Wow! At the end of the conference, Trevor laid hands on all 1500 and anointed them for supernatural vision and moving into the purposes of God for their lives. It was like planting in a field which had been dug and was ready to be sown, such an honour.

The team has been such a blessing and we have found a nice comfy hotel for these last 3 nights, after roughing it (to put it kindly) for a few days!
Thank you for your prayers – you are so very much appreciated
Wtih our love, and see you soon!
Trevor and Sharon


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