Report from George Khati, Papa’s House, November 2013

We had a great and memorable time with you and the team this time and will cherish the moments until we meet next year.

The children were all are very blessed and happy to see you. They remember their cricket time with Trevor and Paul. The girls also fondly remember their time with Sharon, Margaret, Marcia, Liz, Gillian, Nickie and Emma and also the fireworks that they had for two days. It was a really awesome and fun time for the Papa’s House family.

Yesterday, we were with the local church leaders in Binnaguri, sharing testimonies and healings from our crusade. We are so thankful for the wonders and miracles which took place. We witnessed the powerful healing presence of God: the lame walked, the blind saw, the paralysed were healed, the deaf heard, and lumps and growths disappeared.

The follow-up work is now in progress, and there are many healing reports coming to local pastors from the surrounding tea plantations. This is indeed awesome! We felt the anointing and the flame during Saturday’s meeting. The number of those being saved is increasing in the area.

A big thank you to all our partners who have supported Papa’s House this year.  Revival Fires has just gifted our Papa’s House family with a LG microwave oven and George says: “It is a very good one, the biggest available! As per your advice, we went for the best and also managed to get a blender, two microwaveable plates and a bowl for free!. Thank you for your lovely gift for our family. It really was a very sweet surprise and blessing. Thank you for loving us so very much.


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