Testimonies – India 2014!

Trevor & Sharon Baker are leading a team on mission in the North East regions of India. Revival Fires has been travelling and ministering in this incredible nation since 1993, and God has been moving in amazing ways! This is a report we received from Sharon about one evening in particular:

Testimonies at Sunday evening meeting at Pastor Daniel’s church in Gangtok, 12th October 2014.

A man was suffering kidney failure and when prayed for he felt a warmth come over him as God started the healing in his body. We decreed a creative miracle over him. After further prayer, the pain went completely and he felt well.

A young lady impossibly thin so you could see her bones, was suffering from TB and had been told she would die. When she came forward for prayer, she heard Trevor say he could see the glory of God on her. She began to sob because she had given up hope and now she felt there was hope for her to live and not die.  She sobbed as we prayed for her again, and kept soaking her with the prayer of life instead of death.  We rebuked the TB in her lungs. She gave testimony later to say that she was from a Buddhist family before, but now she is praising the Lord and has become a Christian. She was overcome with joy and said all her fear has gone. She was also deaf and we prayed for her ears to be open. She said, it’s amazing, I can hear!! It started softly not loudly so we prayed increase for her hearing to totally be restored. One of the ladies on the floor under God’s power having been saved tonight was her mother! She pointed to her and said, that’s my mom!

A serious problem in her uterus received prayer and she could not walk. She was carried to the meeting. After prayer she can now walk, with just a slight pain. We prayed again and commanded the pain to go completely. She gave testimony that the pain is disappearing, she believes she has been healed!! She walked round and round and strength was returning to her whole body.

One man had paralysis in his lower body and after prayer, he could feel tingling sensations where there was no feeling before. Trevor and Daniel held his hands to steady him and he was able to walk up and down 5 steps and all across the front of the meeting. We prayed again for God to strengthen these limbs that had lost their feeling.  He felt lighter and started to bend his legs at the knees. He felt his legs had been loosed! He had just started coming to Pastor Daniel’s church, and he said that he wanted to become a Christian today for the first time.

One middle aged lady received prayer for a sickness, and asked for a blessing as she was not ready to know the Lord Jesus as her Saviour.  However, later in the meeting, after the healings were happening, she came forward to receive Him as her Saviour along with  24 other men and women, responding to asking Him into their lives.

The healings continued and an elderly man who had pain, stiffness in his legs and difficulty walking, had ease of movement, and could bend his legs like he couldn’t before.

Then Trevor led those who responded in a prayer of forgiveness. , of forsaking all other gods, and of giving their lives over to the Lordship of Jesus. All of those who received Christ were prayed for to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of God and one by one they fell under the power of God! It was their first touch of the Holy Spirit upon their lives.

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