Healing Testimony – Back Pain!

We received this testimony of God’s amazing healing and love! We love sharing these with you – remember: what God has done for others he can do for you too! If you are in need of healing, ask God to overshadow you today!

A year ago you (Revival Fires, Trevor & Sharon Baker) visited my church for a weekend conference. I received so much that weekend, although I couldn’t recognise the half of it at the time.  The anointing on my life has increased and I’m better able to hear what God is saying, see what He is doing and recognise His presence.

I had a painful shoulder and long-term back pain (30 years) I was in agony if anything remained against my back for more than 10 minutes, but I was healed that night.  Almost immediately I noticed a marked improvement in how my back felt when I was sitting or lying down.  I could now spend a lot longer in positions that would have been impossible before. Thank you for giving away what you have received from God, for being determined to pursue His anointing no matter the cost, and for enabling me to experience the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord!

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