Testimonies & Report – Gangtok Part 2 | India 2014

Trevor & Sharon Baker are leading a team on mission in the North East regions of India. Revival Fires has been travelling and ministering in this incredible nation since 1993, and God has been moving in amazing ways! This is a third report we received from the city of Gangtok:


Gangtok Tuesday 14 October 2014

The team prayed together this morning commanding the gods that oppose the Lord Jesus to be bound and to be gone. There were Buddhist incantations and incense burning in our hotel at 5 am, and Trevor confronted its power and cursed its influence, commanding it to be removed.

This is India’s year! This is God’s new year 5775.  This is a HEI year. We are releasing the winds of God.

Daniel 7 v 25 tells us that a king would arise to change the times and seasons. This happened n the 3rd century when the Roman Emperor Gregory changed the calendar from the Biblical timing of God to his own timing.

India this year will receive revelation for us to behold; God is causing the winds to blow and already started with typhoon HudHud yesterday.  God is displacing human structures, manmade, old structures. God is opening doors for you to walk through. It is time to step forward not step back. We must go through the open door. Revelation 3 and 1 Corinthians 16 v 8 are all important passages for India at this time. The door opens to a new realm of God’s glory, signs, wonders and miracles. India also has the meaning of the tent peg; you need to establish what God brings you into this year so as not to lose it.

Isaiah 42 v 8-10 says I am the LORD – Yahweh is my name. When God does a new thing, new songs arise. When a church is singing old songs, it has an old mind-set and is stuck in the old paradigm. Then it can seem more like a funeral service than a time of praise. Judah means praise and expresses joy in the presence of God. If you step back, you lose the joy and the new expression. It can be hard for the church to move into new things.

Luke 5 v 36 – 39 tells us that no one puts new wine into old wineskins, as it will burst the skins. Those who say the old is better do not want to make the transition, the shift. He doesn’t want to step into the new.  He thinks everything about the old is better, the ladies group, the prayer group, the form of the service, the songs; all better! The old wine was once new wine. It once had life and freshness.

To drink the new wine has a price attached to it. The disciples of John the Baptist came to Jesus accusing him of not training his disciples to behave like John’s disciples. But when Jesus is present, those around him can’t be sad and mourn: they can’t fast. Those around John paid the price to go out to the new thing John was heading up. They went into the wilderness to hear a harsh message convicting people of sin, and repented and were baptised. John might not be a popular speaker to be invited back to our platforms today! Many people went out to listen and were baptised; they paid a high price to step into his anointing and teaching; they were going against the religious leaders of their day.  The Pharisees warned them not to go, but there is a longing for something new.

Today people are longing for something more, something new.  No one tasting the old wants the new because the old tastes better. But the old was once new and had a price tag attached to it when it was new.

In 1998 we moved to a new place for the sake of the new wine. It cost us our dream home; it cost us deep friendships, and our children’s life long friends. But we cannot keep doing church as we have done in the past; something has got to change. The world is changing, and the church must change not lag behind.

The children of Israel left Egypt and immediately complained of lack of water. They blamed Moses and said it would have been better for us to stay in Egypt where we had lentils and cucumbers! Hey, the best dish around, such an explosive meal! The same God, who listened to the whining of the Israelites, spoke to Moses. He provided water through striking the rock.

The Israelites complained of lack of water, having already become ungrateful for the new thing – the new freedom from slavery, freedom from the hard labour they had been bowed down under. They could have said – this freedom is greater than any lentils or cucumbers; it’s more than we could have ever imagined or expected.  They could have simply asked Moses to use the rod that separated the Red Sea to once again cause water to appear for their refreshment.  But all they could see was the need for their personal appetites to be satisfied.

Then when there was no food, they complained they had been brought out to die – but Moses had brought them out for them to live. They complained that God had brought them into the wilderness to kill them.  So God provided manna for them, but after a few days they complained again.  No one having tasted the old wants the new. So God dropped quail in their camp for their next meal.

They had forgotten the lashes on their back; they forgot the abuse of hard labour for not meeting their targets; and there was a constant pull to go back into the old.

It was for freedom that Christ has set us free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

There are telltale signs that reveal if you are in the old or the new.  I want a song that reflects the season we are in. Sing a new song! Write new songs! When we started Revival Fires we wrote a new song, this is what I was made for. We sang it all the time at the new season it was written, but now we must sing songs that reflect the current move, the new season.

You can go into a Roman Catholic Church and the Apostle’s Creed is recited; yet the people can be thinking of a million other things. It’s the same in the Charismatic church, we can sing familiar songs and think about Sunday lunch.

You don’t have to be a superstar songwriter, just prophetically express the new move of God to take people with you into the new.

This is not time for the old to attack the new, or the new to attack the old. We have to find a way to transition into the new.

In our hometown of Dudley we have an old market place. It has been there since about the 10th century, and in the same place for the last 300 years. It was last refurbished about 70 years ago.  Last year it was decided to renew the marketplace area and improve it.  But the market traders all rose up complaining that their old market would be removed and destroyed. However the local government went ahead, and tore down the market and dug deep into the structure. The old fountain that was there was ornate but had not been in working order since 1958. It should have been a fountain of fresh water but because it had gotten old, it was only a stone monument that looked old now.  Don’t call it a fountain if there is no water to refresh you! Don’t call your church a church if there is not the fresh and new thing, the water of life that God is pouring out.

Dudley is a very high point, and to have a well, a fountain at height is remarkable. It was not a spring flowing down a mountain, but a well at the top of the hill. When it was exposed from the old structures covering it, the well burst and flooded the road as it flowed down. It then revealed and uncovered ancient ruins underneath the old structures. They were a new discovery. Then later this year there will be a reopening of the new well and the new market. Some like the new some like the old.

Old structures hold things up that God may want to take down, in order to do a new thing.  He wants to renew and refurbish, to redevelop.  He will reveal a fresh spring of water, a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. He takes us back to our roots, our ancient foundations.

Jeremiah 6v16 says ‘stand at the crossroads and look….’

God is removing old structures to reveal ancient foundations. The Lord wants us to keep the feasts, to revere his ancient ways revealed at the beginning of time. The new well of His Spirit will reveal his ancient ways.

There can be discomfort on moving into the new. If you are comfortable, he will disturb you; if you are disturbed he will comfort you.

If you move into the new God is revealing, He will release the Holy Spirit to open new doors for you.

Lift up your hands and pray:

Father we come to you today asking that you would show us the good ways and lead us into the new. We celebrate the old, we thank you that the old was once new, but we want to drink the new wine and see you do a new thing. We ask for a new release of your Holy Spirit, that well of water that leads to life. We decree new songs for this new season. Thank you for the songs of the past, but give us songs now that reflect our journey into the new season. Make us men and women of change. Break down the ungodly structures in our lives, the monuments we have constructed for our own comfort. We want to build a structure today relevant for the time we live in and flowing with life. Give us a new wine skin to contain the new wine, in Jesus name, Amen!

Session 2

Daniel told me on Sunday that I am not like a hit and run driver, but I have consistently come and delivered the word God has given me for the North East over the last 1- plus years.

There is an imminent crisis facing the church demanding that old structures must be demolished and a new spring of life revealed.

Decree over yourself: I am the new spring; I am the new thing. This is my new day.

If you do not move into the new thing, you will be left behind. It doesn’t mean you wont have nice times in church but we must have the manifest presence. I want to help you make that transition into the new.

If you are a leader in the church and cannot observe the need for a shift, then you will for sure realise it in a few years time.

In times of an imminent crisis, there is a time frame to take grasp hold of. Have any of you ever taken the train to Calcutta? What if you were offered an appointment in Calcutta tomorrow at 3 pm? There is a time frame to grasp the opportunity. You cannot arrive a day late to catch the train. If you step into God’s time frame, he will have everyone on the way set up in place to help you move forward.  You will either go forwards through the door, or go back into the old structure. However the old structure will be devoid of life.

There is a time frame, and there is a moment to grasp it.

What is the new thing? What is the new wineskin? You must have the new wineskin before you have the new wine.

John the Baptist preceded Jesus; he prepared the way for Jesus who was the Way. When the preparations are done, Jesus comes as the new wine.

Make sure we have a right attitude to the past, honouring the past as we make a new wineskin.

The new wineskin is not made by singing new songs, but when the new wineskin is welcomed, then new songs will spring up.

Over the last 16 years we have transitioned 4 times and shifting requires faith.  Faith is a pre-requisite, Hebrews 11, so you need faith to move into a new level. We knew an accountant whose advice was based on worldly wisdom and not faith, and this held us back from moving through the open door. Their advice was to take out loans and keep money in reserve, instead of basing our budgets, our income and expenditure on faith in the God of the new move.

There are leaders who cannot move into the new with you due to a lack of faith for that move. That means there is a price to pay, as not everyone will move forward with you. We need God’s presence as it gives us hope and evidence of our faith. If we are not pleasing God, there is an absence of presence due to lack of faith. Then there are no new believers, no miracles, and no financial miracles.

Last year we took up offerings for the TC and people gave over £50,000 – they gave resources to move into the new. Recently we took up a second offering and people gave over £28,000! It takes faith to give and faith to receive.

Decree: I want a financial miracle. Make me a financial miracle!

To enter the new thing God is revealing that certain things will need to change

1 There needs to be a new name.

We had just bought a new sign for our Apostolic Resource Centre, all new and shiny, lighting up in the dark and looking great in the day.  Then a prophet comes in to speak to us and says that God is changing our name to Apostolic Revival Centre.  A few months later Chuck Pierce told me that I am an Apostle of Revival and God is changing our name.

Church is a gathering place, a destination.

The Apostolic Revival Centre is a launch pad. It’s the place where God’s purposes are launched. It’s a sending place, taking seeds and dispersing them. Church has to connect or align with an apostolic centre or it will be an end in itself. Then your success is evaluated by attendance, by Sunday church, by numbers in seats. The ARC values sending so there will be people not in church as they are on assignment. Not every church is called to be an ARC, but needs to be apostolically aligned. The ARC is a place where people are equipped and trained.

Church picture with a sheep standing outside very safe and happy

The ARC picture of an aircraft carrier with planes and people running and warfare preparation, signs wonders and miracles are the bombs the planes are carrying.

Two entirely different pictures.

When we first moved to Dudley, we bought a building, a county court, and called it the Grace Centre. Then after 8 years we bought a new facility and called it the ARC. The focus of Revival Fires underlined its change from a gathering place to a sending place 8 years ago as we changed the name of the facility. India is a primary call and we go to Europe and other nations also.

Over the years we have changed the leadership team; some have left the church altogether and some have left leadership but still are part of the church.

Isaiah 61 is a picture of the 5 fold gifts of Christ to the church

Evangelist brings good news tallest finger

Pastor binds up the broken-hearted covenant finger

Teacher brings liberty to captives little finger

Prophet releases from darkness pointing finger

Apostle proclaims the year of favour thumb

The apostle receives God’s blueprint and brings it to earth. The thumb also touches and connects all the gifts together.

Apostle Habitation Gathers
Prophet Expectation
Evangelist Extends by new birth Sends
Teacher Instruction

Teacher informs

Puts Christ in
Pastor Transformation Brings Christ out

2 Church government structure versus ARC government structure

The government in the church is mainly by the pastor, but the pastor does not have access to the blueprints of heaven to create habitation. The apostle is not a name or title, it is a function. You can call yourself whatever you like but your function confirms what you are. If a butcher puts up a sign saying he is a brain surgeon, it makes no difference: he is still a butcher. Christ himself gifts you and you are a gift to the church. The gifts are Christ’s to give, not ours to take.

See PW notes on the Apostolic for this teaching on PPT

Pastoral model is Care / supervision / group decision

So transition is slow in the church model

Apostles mobilise the troops, they see them equipped to be armed and dangerous against the enemy.  They get excited when others succeed in their gifting and calling.

The pastor can hold on to control and does everything himself.

I was not always like this; I would buy more books than anyone else, read more than others, because I wanted to be ahead of anyone else. But God got hold of me and instead of controlling, he had me give away 10 boxes of books to a couple who we were sending out to go and pastor a church up north.  That’s because I want to Equip and not control, to support and release.

Final authority is with the apostle not with the group or committee.

Elders or leaders support, not direct.

The resources always go with God’s blueprint. Finance follows Gods plans.

The apostolic is NOT

Hierarchical, but relational

Simply head of a network or denomination, not legalistic or controlling

Giving is out of honour and relationship.

It’s not about finance its about honour

What you honour you attract

What you dishonour you push out of your life

When Chuck was going home last week, he said he would love to come and work with me again because he has seen what God has done through you in this region.

Apostles declare the time and season you are in, so as to help you step forward into your future.

There is a shift taking place into apostolic models and structures


Church: pastor with specialities and teacher

Apostolic: 5 fold

How do you pay?

What is their level of faith? What’s their level of faithfulness?

Some places don’t make the change

When people need to be moved on, but we make them ‘honorary elders’ which makes them think they are still in position. But we have a price to pay.

My heart’s desire is the God would have an apostolic centre in the North East of India who connects apostolically with others so there is nothing hierarchical in the churches relating together. Raise up an apostolic centre in this region that people can relate into, to see a habitation of your presence established here. I release a grace for this transition to come about: a grace to move into the new, to embrace your word today.

Session 3

What you establish in India in these next 2 years, relating into an apostolic relational alignment, will be secure.

DNA of the New Apostolic 

DNA is a code within us, which identifies it uniquely

1 Yearning for the new thing, as opposed to learning for the new

WWII Apostles are hierarchical and based on army levels of authority and chain of command. Rank and file is clearly evident. Most apostles today might be 70 years and over and have brought in the apostolic model based on the second world war, There fore the apostle would be seen as the general, the big person who tells the little people what to do. ‘I know what you need, so submit to me, bring your finance to me, and I will instruct you. You will be part of my network or army’. In the army that’s how it works. That’s a military model but there is a relationship model, or as Peter Wagner says, a Microsoft model.

The New Apostolic is based on relationship of fathers and mothers. You don’t hear of female apostles very often, but they are in the Bible. We are talking about fathering children or birthing a movement.

I don’t have a network of churches but I have many relationships with churches and church leaders.

Tashi told me yesterday that when I first started coming to India there would be fliers and announcements to invite everyone to come. However lately they just make a few calls to the churches and the place is full, because of the relationship that has grown up over the years.

In 1 Corinthians 4 v 15 Paul tells the church that there are not many fathers, though you have many teachers.  There are primary and secondary relationships mentioned here. In the military apostolic model, you have to have one alignment, one army, one network.  Paul asks the Corinthian church to imitate him. My life is an example, he told them; see how I live and live like me. It’s not a formula but an example as in the relationship of son to father. 1 Corinthians chapter 1 appeals to the unity of the church.

Paul was called to be an apostle over a people group. And not up <down, but down > up.

Paul never demanded financial gifts and neither did any of the apostles; see Acts 4 v 36. It is not children who store up for their parents but parents who store up for their children.  Jesus said he became a servant to lift us up.  An apostle who demands financial payment is not operating in the Biblical apostolic model. The relationship is based on love: on the premise of your good at my expense.

What parent amongst you has never received a gift from their children? Not necessarily money but a gift of love.  Last week I bought Chuck a pen as a gift to honour him. Now who will he think about when he writes with that pen? He will pick up that pen and think of me and pray and prophesy over me. He will write books with that pen, and I will have had a part to play in his writing.  There are such rewards for honour and what you honour you attract into your life.

Next time you see Bobby Conner on GodTV look at the watch he is wearing: I gave him that watch! And every time he looks at that watch, he releases the blessing of the watchman over my life and over our church.  Bless your pastor or apostle or prophet with a gift of honour, a thoughtful gift that makes them think of you.  A gift opens up the way for the giver and enters him into the presence of the great. Bobby is a prophetic watchman and he delivers the prophetic word of God into my life

When Christmas gave a ring to a youth leader in this church, every time he looks at it, he thinks of Christmas.

Apostles build with vision. They know the season of God’s favour, so the apostolic brings the church into the favour of the Lord.  Denominations build on heritage, on their past; they celebrate the past. The apostolic builds on vision, on the future.

When we asked to join Global Spheres to relate with Chuck apostolically, he asked us to write down our vision for the next 10 years and what you believe God is leading you into. He wanted to call me into my future not know about my past.  When you are aligned with new apostolic, you release others into their destiny.

The apostolic is not an easy option, but there is grace, there is presence, there is nothing to fear as our eyes are fixed on Jesus.

The apostolic is not cloning people but allowing creativity in a particular context.  You need faith to be creative; you need to see what God is doing. God is the most creative person you will ever know.  The apostolic moves us away from fear; traditions impart fear for not keeping the traditions of the denomination.

In this place I have never asked for money, I have not demanded anything, but you have blessed me these last few years and given to honour the anointing. Do I come back because of the finance you have given me? No but the sense of honour and value that you have placed on me draws me to pour out more into this region.

Fathers produce sons Masters produce servants
Inheritance Payment
Relationship Contact
Serves Needs serving
Function Title
Influencers Acquaintances
Closeness Distance
Security Insecurity
Relaxed Fearful
Confidence Complaint
Affirms Discredits
Grace Law
Enjoy life Always preparing
Approve Disapproval
Release Control
Cover faults Uncover
New Old

So what if you feel you are in a church that is more like a master/servant relationship feel? Then you need to shift! We are in the shift and the fathering apostolic is our vision, our pattern.

I am moving you into the new if you will make the shift. I have told you what your future could be like, now make the choice, make the shift

Corinthians 2 v 19-20 tells us the church is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone. Read 1 Corinthians 12 v 28; this describes the order of the church. 2 Corinthians (?) the marks of an apostle are this: signs, wonders and miracles, ….

When Trevor asked who wanted to be part of the New Apostolic based on the Father and Mother model, everyone stood to their feet. He explained that even though there are battles to be won, to move into the new thing God is doing, there will be such a release in your spirit.

I am offering myself today, offering myself willingly in the day of your power to be part of raising up that new apostolic reformation. Mark each one of us today with a mantle of anointing, with a mantle of the apostolic anointing. Release it over leaders and over every person here today.

I pray that apostolic prayer of Ephesians chapter 1:

the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him, 18 having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, 19 and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might 20 that he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead

Preparation to receive the laying on of hands

Jesus used the laying on of hands so there would be a physical personal touch. It released a grace gift.  People came so Jesus could lay his hands upon them. In Matthew 9 v 18 we read that there was an expectation to receive a grace gift of healing through the laying on of hands.  All the sick came to Jesus for healing with a touch; power was coming from him and they were healed. He imparted blessing through the laying on of hands. Mark 10 v 16 and Matthew 19 tells of children coming for blessing through the laying on of hands. It was the most frequent means by which both Jesus and the apostles released blessing. Mark 6 v 2 describes the work done by His hands.

Acts 14 and 19 tell of Paul laying hands on people and the miracles that followed.

Laying on of hands releases empowerment so you begin to function in a new way. It commissions as in Acts 13 v 3, with Paul and Silas. It releases you to function into new areas of serving as in Acts 6.

There will be a release of gifting in your lives tonight. There will be healing through the laying on of hands.  There will be a sending of those who are anointed to preach the gospel.  A new dimension of anointing is going to fall tonight empowering you for signs, wonders and miracles.

Trevor called out all the leaders from the Gangtok, Sikkim region and released the word that God is stretching out a canopy over you all, secure under his wings and covered in glory. He is making you strong and immovable like a tent peg in a secure place. He anointed them with oil for revival.  Men and women fell under the power of the Spirit and encountered the power of God upon them. Some were shaking violently as God poured his power into them. Some lay soaking up his awesome presence.

The leaders from Namchi and Kalimpong then came forward and received laying on of hands, and the empowering of the Spirit. Some cried, some shook, some shouted, some worshipped, but they all encountered the Lord anew.

We then laid hands on every person who had come for prayer. Men and women, old and young including children all received the anointing oil for revival.

We prayed for the worship team: Judah will go first, so I release new songs for this new season. There has to be a new song; its time to write songs for the new season that will be prophetic, moving people into God’s new thing. Make their tongues the pen of a ready writer, Psalm 45 v 1.  It is time to be revived with the new song.  The expression on people’s faces showed such a passion for God’s presence, and they mouthed words of love as they lay under his heavy glory presence.  There was no rush to get up as they tasted of the goodness of God.

Then the school children came dressed in full uniform straight after their classes and stood in line with hands held out and eyes closed waiting on God for his touch.  They spoke out their longing, their love. Then the laughter broke out and spread throughout the room from one to another. Some were doubled over even finding difficulty standing while they waited for prayer. Girls with long plaits and pleated skirts lay next to each other in no hurry to leave the powerful presence that touched them deeply with both tears and laughter.

Prayer continued for over an hour as God met every one hungry and thirsty for his presence. It was as if heaven was touching earth.

The team followed on with personal prayer and released more of God’s wonderful presence. The anointing increased as we continued to lay hands on the young people. They were so responsive laughing and crying all at once and falling under God’s power. A girl in an Angry Birds sweater melted in tears lifting her hands, taken over by the presence of God. The expectation to meet God was so strong that it made His presence irresistible as it fell on every person.

The hungry truly are fed and never sent away empty.


One schoolgirl came with very tightened hands, she could not stretch them out and God healed her so she could splay them fully, she was so happy!

One teenage girl was writhing on the floor, demons were overpowering her so we prayed and prayed. Her eyes were rolling round as if she was out of control, and her limbs and stomach seemed to be contorting. Liz and I then Liz and Marcia persisted in prayer. Liz was like a dog with a bone and would not let go until the girl was free. At the end of the prayer time I saw the girl again and her eyes were clear,she was sitting up and in her right mind. She had just given her life to Christ as well. The difference was like night and day, pain and health, oppression and freedom. Beuatiful!

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