Testimonies & Reports – Gangtok | India 2014

Trevor & Sharon Baker are leading a team on mission in the North East regions of India. Revival Fires has been travelling and ministering in this incredible nation since 1993, and God has been moving in amazing ways! This is a second report we received from the city of Gangtok:


Gangtok Bethlehem church Monday 13 October 2014

In the last 3 weeks India has been making major headlines in the international news

  • 1 Satellite sent to Mars
  • 2 Nobel peace prize awarded
  • 3 Cyclone HudHud

5775 is a mirror year, a double portion year. It is so simple for us to see if we have eyes to perceive it.

Nations are connecting with India: China’s President and India’s PM met over the last few weeks; Israel’s PM also met India’s PM over the last month.  God is shifting the nations onto His time line and His alignment.

If you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you will prosper.

God is giving you a small window of opportunity, and what you do at this moment will determine what you will become; it will determine your new identity. A shift is taking place.

There was a cyclone yesterday in India, 150 mph winds moving around whatever was in its path. God is causing his winds to blow as he distributes his promises, planting his seeds in places you would not think they could reach. You are in it! You cannot escape it by hiding in a dustbin like a little boy was pictured doing! He is moving people into places not thought possible. Choose to go with the wind of God not against it. He is doing something in the natural with the cyclone, but He is bringing winds of his spirit, moving, shifting, realigning.

Prophetic word (for a pastor):

Your faithfulness has caused you to move into a new place of favour. You have faith now for far more than in the past season. You are going to be put into positions to bring restoration and rebuilding, with responsibility for rebuilding desolate places. You will move corruption out of the way, so the building can go forward. I have been waiting for a person to come forward so I can place them aright. I will bring resources to you to distribute in this coming year. You will move into different departments, multiple places where you go.  Take a new mantle, representing a new identity, a new title.

Last week in Siliguri, I was presented with a Menorah from Jerusalem. It is pre-1948 – the year that Israel became a nation.  India became an independent nation in 1948 too! I brought the Menorah to Gangtok to display the connection between the Himalayan regions and Israel.  God is opening up fresh revelation through the symbol of the lampstand, the Menorah. This Menorah came from the Prayer Tower at Glory of Zion in Texas.  This has prophetic symbolism for Gangtok.  Isaiah 60 declares: Arise and Shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

This is India’s year! God is placing India on the top and not the bottom; India will be the head and not the tail.  The Nobel Peace prize award was given to a man in India who was working to relieve exploitation of children. God sends a man to intervene and rescue the next generation. It is the current generation that fuels the sex trade, the bonded servants: the exploitation. There is a small window, a little opening, and there is time for action to stop the tide. The world will regard India in amazement and ask, ‘how did you do it?’

There are businessmen who will lose everything this year. Major companies support the exploitation of children, and God is about to redistribute wealth, as the companies collapse. Those who have exploited will themselves be exploited.  You must turn and return, or God will turn his back on you.

Luke 15 tells us about the son who used his wealth to exploit others. He asked his father for his inheritance then spent it on rich living and prostitution. Then he was left with nothing, he was spent out. Watch the news this year, there will be famous names that will be bankrupt, but if they return, they will receive a new identity. What was used for exploitation will be used for restoration. This cyclone HudHud is a sign of the displacement and rearrangement that God is up to.

Luke 15 is a sign of a nation returning, and being saved in a day, just like Israel in 1948 and like India in 1948.  Return to the time of restoration and step into a new move of God now. God is giving you a small window of opportunity to turn, to return, to be turned back into the place of inheritance, wearing a new robe depicting a new identity; a new ring on his hand, a new signature upon his life; that ring is his key to his future that would open doors into high places. Every door the father had walked through, every place the father owned, would be open to the son because of the ring he was wearing. God has placed a new signature ring upon this nation of India. He has released a small opening, a narrow way. Broad is the way that leads to destruction but narrow is the gate that leads to life. In India today, people are rising up and asking God for the ring, for the signature to go through the small door of opportunity.


I call forth the winds from the North, East, South and West. Winds of heaven begin to blow in this place, here in Gangtok. On the highest places the winds will blow. There will be a redistributing of the purposes of God in this nation. Breath of God: blow on these lives. Ezekiel 37 – can this nation live? As the word and breath is released, there was a rattling, a sound like rushing water. Bone returned to bone, there was a reconnection. Then the army rose up strong and tall. India will rise up as a mighty army, and know the weapons of the power of the Holy Spirit, to bring down strongholds that have been established for centuries will collapse this year! Sacred places will be demolished because of the winds of my Spirit. My breath will make you a mighty army!

Prophetic word

God is calling you to be a voice because of the way that you have already opened up your mouth. He is giving you a heart for exploited children and is now resourcing you for this purpose not for your own personal life. You will lift children up. I am giving you a door that children will walk through.  I release a new identity upon you and your wife to raise up those who have been crushed through exploitation. God will give you seed in order to set children free. In years to come, people will speak your name in high places.

(We presented a ring from Israel bearing the 12 stones of the High Priest to the husband and an earring made of gold and diamonds to the wife from the UK).

A shift is taking place. The Lord says shift!! There will be sandals put on your feet. India has been lost, but God says, I have come looking for you, India. I have found a people who are prepared to return and to turn, and to be given a new identity causing the nation to become the head and not the tail.

In 1981 I left the Baptist church where I was pastoring, and moved to a charismatic church. We moved our furniture into a lorry and followed it to someone’s home. We did not know that a home for us had only been found within minutes of us arriving at the place we were moving to.  At that time we shifted into the shepherding movement until we returned to the Midlands until the mid 1980’s.  Then in 1994 we shifted into the Renewal movement lead by Toronto. In 2001 we shifted again into Dudley, moving into someone else’s home again, with all our belongings in storage once more. In 2003 we shifted again into the supernatural realms through connection with Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire. After this alignment, we were in Gangtok and a bolt of lightning came through the window and hit Daniel. It shook him visibly the first time, the second time, and then the third time it came, it threw Daniel against the wall and as it hit me I stood frozen for 20 minutes in the position it had hit me.   Then Daniel and I both ‘returned’ and people were being healed, set free, received the Holy Spirit and all heaven broke out! This was 2004, 10 years ago when we first came to Sikkim. This speaks of governmental order and authority. Then over those years, we saw a blue haze, we saw golden and silver feathers, and we saw people reaching up to access that which heaven was pouring out.  It was like the Psalm that describes the angels as clothed in gold and silver feathers. Esther, Daniel’s wife who was taken up with the presence of God plucked a feather and started writing for around two hours. She asked, ‘is this normal!!’ We said this could become normal!

If you stay in a movement too long, you become a denomination – the root meaning is ‘of the law’. You are in a structure you can’t break out of due to laws and restrictions, policies and procedures, methods that have laws to be subscribed to and ways of doing things. You have to shift out of the past restriction to move into the new move of God.  The values that once brought life have become restrictions as they become laws. We want to enjoy all the good each move has brought but not to camp out there at that truth, at the renewal truth, or the supernatural truth, at that river truth.  We take all the good with us, but we never stop moving forward. We can be criticised for leaving behind what we had stood for, but we have to shift. We take the good with us and build upon it, not live at a monument of the past move of God.

Since 2012 we have been aligned with Chuck Pierce from the Global Spheres Network. This has connected us with covenant roots, a relationship with Israel.

Last week, I wanted to buy a pen for Chuck as a gift. I went into several stores in England to find the best pen, and was about to pay for it when I asked if instead of a display pen, I could purchase a non-display pen. The assistant had no others, so tried to shine up the display model, but then would not sell it to me as it had a scratch on it.  I only wanted to give the best pen so as to honour Chuck.  So in India I found a store that sold fountain pens. The one I found was made by Schaeffer with a nib of both gold and silver. I prophesied over Chuck that his tongue would be the pen of a ready writer. The next day, Chuck told me that all this year God had told me to complete 2 books before the year end, and I had to come all around the world to receive the word reminding me of the name God gave me 20 years ago ‘ Ready Writer’!

It seems as if there are times when we are not strongly aware of the presence or power of the Holy Spirit working upon me but we are doing things that are evidence of living in the supernatural realm. Like presenting the pen to Chuck.

He said to me that I must shift in the next 2 years so that we can move into the 2020s in time and aright. He said your biggest responsibility is for Ryan, to bring him into all you now have, to make the shift with you, so that for every future shift, he is prepared in advance, he is not afraid to shift but is on course to advance.  This is the apostolic model.

You can see some organisations or some churches have not made shifts for decades. Leadership is unchanged, songs are unchanged and membership is unchanged. Change only comes through a person dying and another taking his place.

It takes wisdom and grace for leaders to make a shift, especially to devolve leadership, to move, to shift. It touches pride, position, power, and passion.

So in our shifts, there have been some leaders that have shifted with us, some have not. Some have been fulfilled and some have returned to other churches such as charismatic churches, due to levels of faith. It takes faith to shift. We can honour the past, we don’t criticise the past, but we must not stay in the past, we must shift, we must shift to the next level.

We have to pick up the signs that God has put in our path to direct us in the shift.

Session 2

Mark 1 v 14

After John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee proclaiming the gospel.  A shift took place between John and Jesus. The one who headed up the past move does not head up the present move.  John’s message was ‘Repent and receive forgiveness of sins’ and he baptised those all who repented. Jesus arrives on the scene with the message ‘ Repent and believe the good news’. Jesus connects the old and the new, by honouring the old and introducing the new. He brings the message of repentance to completion; he fulfils all righteousness by being baptised.  Jesus stepped into John’s message and movement, the old movement, so he could bring it into the new. Unless he had been baptised by John, he would not have brought it into the new move. Two disciples of John crossed over into the new move Jesus introduced.  John announced the new move, Behold the Lamb of God. John knew he had to decrease in order for Jesus to increase. Jesus had to connect with the old. Jesus never criticised the old.

John’s disciples came to Jesus, asking why His disciples didn’t fast like John’s disciples did. Jesus replied that you couldn’t put a new patch on an old garment: I did not come to attach something new to an old thing; I came to do a new thing. Neither can you put new wine into old wineskins, or the new wine will burst them, then both will be ruined. Jesus said if you taste new wine, you would prefer the old wine because you have become accustomed to it and don’t want something new. It’s like an old pair of shoes that are worn out, but you don’t want to get rid of them because they are so uncomfortable. I have a pair of shoes that are totally broken heel to sole, but they are the most comfortable pair I have ever had. I don’t want to part with them, because I like them, I have worn them in. I don’t wear the new pair I bought because I am so used to them; they are comfortable and easy to wear.

People had become so comfortable with John’s message, crowds went out to see him and get baptised. But he was put in prison: the old wineskin was removed ready for the new wineskin to receive the new wine. It is often the old move that criticises the new move, not the other way around. They asked Jesus why his disciples didn’t observe all John’s disciples did. Why don’t they fast? Why don’t they mourn? But it’s a new wineskin.

John was asked ‘who are you?’ He was a Voice. He was preparing the Way. Then Jesus appears, and He is the Word. The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld His glory. He is not preparing and making straight the way: He is the Way.

John 5 v 35. John was a lamp that burned for a time….

John 8 v 12 Jesus says I am the Light of the World

See the shift! Jesus is making the shifts. He brings things into a new movement and gives it a new identity. Then he pulls his disciples into the new move, the new identity: you are the light of the world, a city …

At the wedding of Cana when Jesus turned the water into wine, the miracle pulled the disciples into a new level of faith as He revealed His glory.

Jesus operated apostolically in order to shift. Denominational churches can be hard to shift if there is no apostolic alignment that moves forward.

I am aligned apostolically to Chuck Pierce and he visited last week to see the work I have been building here over the last 22 years. The connection with the apostolic anointing moves me and shifts me into the new.

When you shift your whole message changes. Instead of repentance alone, we have the gospel, the good news of the Kingdom of heaven at hand. We are commissioned to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out demons.  Most churches preach the gospel of repentance for sin, for not praying, for not reading the word.  But this is not the gospel that Jesus preached. To tell someone they are sinners and on the way to hell, that the devil will get them, may be the truth but does not sound like good news to me.  To tell someone that their sins are forgiven, that God will provide for them, protect them and has a unique plan for their lives sounds like good news.

Jesus’ gospel inspires you to love his presence; John’s message was to get you to repentance and baptism.

When Jesus healed the paralysed man, those who were religious around him, criticised the new gospel of the Kingdom that came in with miracles and healings. They criticised Jesus and called him a blasphemer as they could not recognise the

Why do we try to run church according to law? It is impossible to keep all the law.  I am not telling you to stop reading the word, to stop praying, to live how you like. But I am saying that Jesus’s message supersedes John’s message. It’s about walking a new way, having a new identity. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death.

When people are so full of the Holy Spirit because of their love for the Lord which the Spirit pours in, Romans … we cry Abba Father. Then we don’t want to do anything that offends the person you love.  When we have love in our heart, we choose not to do those things that offend him.

You know whom you are assigned to and who is assigned to you.  When we receive the assigned person, we receive what they are seeking to give us.  Jesus received the baptism of John because he needed to move. Jesus was assigned to John, for that one thing, to fulfil all righteousness. John’s message was all about living righteously.  Jesus received John and his message then he fulfilled it.

India is about to shift. There will be some that stay like John the Baptist, churches that stay where they are and do not move forward.

The new season takes what is now and connects it to the next move. There are moments in time when a season ends to the new can begin. At John’s death a season ended. In my life when seasons have ended there have been sometimes geographical or relational moves. John knew from the beginning who Jesus was, and then he lost sight of him.  When he was in prison his disciples visited Jesus to ask who he was. John had lost perspective of the new season he had come to prepare for. He wanted to know if he had fulfilled his assignment correctly. Jesus sent messengers to say that healings and miracles were happening in this gospel of the kingdom. Jesus didn’t describe himself, but the works that he did.

In times of new identity, new relationships begin to move you into the new things. You don’t necessarily drop all the relationships of the past.  You take the new identity with you.

Session 3

This is God’s time for a new revival Fire.  He is creating a new wineskin for the new wine.

1 Heavenly atmospheres will enter the earth’s atmospheres. Heaven will penetrate earthly structures. We will see angelic activity.  Only yesterday we saw 24 people receive salvation! The angels are rejoicing

2 There will be a change in governmental alignments; watch Israel and her allies; watch Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia. If you will not align with Israel God will cause tumultuous times for your nation.

3 Earth’s structures will shake. The BJP party in India will save India from shaking. The surrounding nations will shake but India will be saved.  If there is a shaking in India the temples will fall; strategic places will come down. India is coming into her time.

I had a vision in 1993 of the fire falling in the centre of India, then up to the North, surround the nation, and then drop back into the centre. He said draw a line from Mumbai to Calcutta, then Delhi to Chennai, then he said, go into the North East and minister there. We have had many invitations to other cities in India but the Lord has assigned a portion to me in the North East. In 1993 Chuck also had a vision of the fire in the North East of India also surrounding the nation and bringing revival fire.

There is a major shift in the glory realm and everyone will see it revealed. At the time of the Feast of Tabernacles, the people of Israel pitched around the Tabernacle and the Shekinah glory came down over the Tabernacle. Each year the people were to remember and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, or Succoth.  It lasts 7 days, this exact 7 days I have been in conference in India. This is the time people went out to live in booths made of branches for 7 days and take time rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Within Tabernacles there are 3 Feasts:

The Feast of Trumpets – Rosh Hashanah: the beginning of the Hebrew New Year.

The Day of Atonement – the priest entered the most holy place one day of the year and the glory of God fell.

Aligning with the Biblical Feasts aligns us with God’s timing and God’s calendar; it connects us back into our Hebraic roots. Jesus is the root of the vine of the family tree of the Jews. The Jews were cast aside so that the Gentiles could be grafted in. This means the root can flow into the Gentiles with opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus and become part of the blessing of Abraham’s seed.  It is only the Jews that embrace the Lord Jesus that are grafted in, along with the Gentiles who believe. Many more will come to see Jesus as their Messiah.

If you align with the timing of God, then you line up with all God has planned for your life. Jesus aligned with John the Baptist because he was perfectly on God’s time scale.  In John 2 he says, my time has not yet come

John 13 the time has come to depart from this world; he took a bowl and an apron, then they celebrated Passover

At the Feast of the Passover, Jesus declared, my time has now come John 17 v 1

In the UK churches have celebrated Good Friday, Easter and Whitsun, religious days which are not Biblical.

Biblical celebrations are Passover where the angel of death passed over and the people of Israel left Egypt. This speaks of freedom from oppression. A lamb was sacrificed and its blood placed on the doorposts freeing the slaves from bondage and bringing them out into freedom. The son of man appeared that he might take away our sin.

Pentecost is 49 days after Passover; the Bible calls this the feast of weeks as it is 7 x 7 weeks plus one day = 50 days.  It is also the feast of first fruits, or barley harvest, where the loaves were waved in the presence of God. He becomes the living bread, rose again, the first born from the dead. He is the first fruit of the new creation. Then after Jesus’ resurrection we are now the first fruit, awaiting the global harvest.

The Feast of Tabernacles is the ingathering of the Harvest or the Feast of Booths.

The Autumn Feasts are times when the Glory falls. They occur during September and October.

Easter was introduced in the 3rd century when a pagan feast was Christianised instead of embracing the Hebraic root. So the church has celebrated a pagan feast thinking it was Scriptural.

Now in our church we have a big Passover meal, set up like a banquet and have a time of celebration remembering the exodus and the death of Jesus as the Passover Lamb.  Then for the sake of those who believe Easter is Christian, we celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

The Roman calendar is determined by the cycle of the sun and the Biblical calendar is determined by the moon’s cycles.

Rosh Hashanah means to step into the year ahead.

This year is 5775 in the Hebraic calendar and is counted from the time Adam was made. Our Roman calendar is 2014.

Daniel 7 v 25 speaks of this Roman Empire arising having feet of steel and clay, both strong and weak noting the mixture of the Empire. ‘He will seek to change the times and laws’; laws here also means God’s appointed times.  This change took the church out of line with God’s timing. It’s like celebrating your Birthday but on the day of someone else’s choice. But when we are in God’s timing he keeps us ahead of the world and the worldly system of time.

5775 is a mirror year and India had the first cyclone of this year, and is a mirror cyclone called HudHud.

This is India’s year because it has reconnected with its root! Isaiah 60 v 1-2.

Number Form Symbol Sound Meaning
70 An eye AYIN SeeLook again


5 Window/watchman Window of opportunity Hei Alas/bewareBehold/gaze


4 Tent flap/door Door Dalet Door
6 Tent peg Vav SecurityTo strengthen

70 represents coming out of captivity and into freedom.

This is the year of the prophetic seer. He will release his breath on his promise so it comes to fulfilment.

In Genesis we read that Abram was 99 years old and was still holding onto the promise of 25 years. He is waiting, sitting in the door of his tent when angels appear and confirm the promise to him.  God breathes upon prophetic promised seeds this year and bring them to completion. There will be more prophetic fulfilment this year than the last 25 years!!

In Esther 1 we find India is mentioned twice. And this is India’s year! The word comprises these three symbols making up the word India: 5 4 and 6. These 3 years are prophetic for the next decade for India. God is releasing a new dimension of glory. Take the prophetic words and ask God to breathe afresh on them. God is causing the winds of heaven to blow God is uncovering fresh springs to water the prophetic seed, so it grows and produces 100 fold.

India’s connection with Israel has meant the nation has received support for the defence system based on Israel’s expertise. There is increased protection for India. And there is also an increased spiritual covering; India will be more secure under the shadow of God’s wing, under the shelter of the Almighty. God has put India a step ahead.

Next year’s passage for 5776 is:

Isaiah 54: Sing o barren one …

You will find fruitfulness in unusual and unexpected places.

The enemy wants to blind our eyes to the prophetic seasons so we are not prepared for our future. But if we observe God’s timing we will never lag behind or run before, but live according to His timescale.

God does nothing but he first reveals it to the prophets Amos 3 v 7

Session 4 

Mantles speak of identity. Tonight you will receive a new mantle and a new identity. There will be two mantles that you pass under tonight. It’s the year of the double portion, and God wants to pour out the mantle for signs, wonders and miracles on the earth. If you grasp this fresh wind of the spirit, nations will also grasp hold of it.

God is causing India to go first. India has had several firsts in this New Year and God will cause you to lead the nations. He will reveal the importance of this time for India to you. Headline news has focussed on IS, on Ebola, which has all been the spirit of death. India has taken headlines for life! It will be a nation of good news in this coming season!

I will be coming more than once to India in this coming year, to receive all God has for this nation. Then I will take it back home. What is on you will come on me! You begin to operate in the new identity of the new mantle. It’s a mantle of glory over India.  There is also a mantle of harvest. The church will grow more in this year than in the last decade.  The churches will become too small and you will need to use the large city hall or stadium!  I don’t mean special visiting speakers coming to book up the large venues, but the church in India will increase, and he will do it through you. The nations will come to step under the mantle you have here to take the anointing home.  When I go to Bhutan, I will take this mantle with me.

God is calling you to step into a new place

2 Peter 1 v 10 says Be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure. This applies to not only our salvation call, but to the call of God on our lives.

1 Kings 19

The call of Elisha.

In Matthew 22 Jesus says that many are called but few are chosen. For us to move from call to choice, we have to be diligent and confident. To move into a new sphere of anointing, we need to respond to the supernatural realms of heaven that he is calling us into. Constantly activate your spiritual eyes, day by day. This keeps your diligence fresh.

In order to receive a double portion, we must honour the past as well as having an eye to the new. We can easily be pulled back into denominational loyalties that overpower fresh revelation. We can be so loyal to the past that we abandon the future. We must abandon ourselves to the new identity that God is giving to us.

1 Kings 19 v 19 – 21

Elisha was going about his job as a farmer, faithful in the entrustment that was his, when God broke in. He was diligent ploughing with his oxen. He had already learnt it before he met Elijah, then God looked at him and said, there is the person who will choose to respond. He was committed to his work, to his family, and it would have been a surprise that Elijah drew near. And Elijah didn’t speak to him, or preach to him or train him in prophecy. He let him experience the mantle of anointing fall upon him. Elijah simply cast his mantle over Elisha and nothing was ever the same again. It was like Elijah putting a yoke on Elisha so they would be yoked together. Elijah put his mark of personal identity upon him; he put his signature on him. In receiving it, then Elisha could put his signature on others.  God was marking him out.

The garment or cloak is a picture of God putting his signature upon him, writing his name upon him. God puts his mark upon you.

The cloak represented Elijah saying to Elisha:I am going to provide for you and protect you. The mantle invites you into something bigger than you for you to grasp, and that will grasp you. The new identity caused Elisha to let go of his old identity, he asked for permission to bid his parents goodbye. Permission is a key word in this new season. We are not going to be lone rangers in this new season. Elijah replied to Elisha asking ‘what have I done to you?’ He was asking him about the extent of what had been done to him with one touch of the mantle, that was so powerful he would say goodbye to his old life.

Some of us may fall, some may shake, some may resist the anointing because we are unaccustomed to it or want to remain in control!

The call was unexpected and surprising. God is about to do the unexpected tonight.  God is going to surprise you and you will feel the anointing, the fire of God pulsating through your body!

One touch of the mantle over him was enough for him to leave everything behind. He received a new identity and asked Elijah leave to say goodbye to his old identity.

The mantle affects us all differently – but just respond! Let the power of God touch you however He wants to, and it will bring you into the new identity God has for you. Allow God to consume your old identity, and follow hard after the new God has for you.

Elisha had a faith level for business, for farming, but he also had faith that made him ready to leave the oxen and enter the prophetic ministry. He learned this new identity, this new yoke by serving the prophetic gift. Elijah was the mature ox, the mature prophet in the nation. Elisha is the novice the beginner. The sign of the mantle over him was an invitation to be trained to step into all Elijah operated in.

2 Kings 3 tells us Elisha’s qualifications were pouring water on the hands of Elijah: a very menial task, mundane and repetitive. That’s all the Scripture tells us he did. If you want to move in the power of the anointing, learn to serve the anointing. If you are mature, then learn to pass on your mantle to the next generation so the mature and the immature work together. Then they learn to take over in our place.

A cloak is not just a piece of cloth. The word for cloth, mantle, is that a leader who protects and provides, would cover you, would yoke himself to you, like a strong ox yoking itself to the young ox, opening a door for him to enter a new sphere of influence, of strength, of a powerful call.

When Elijah cast the cloak over him, they would be yoked together. The anointing breaks the yoke, but God is putting a new yoke on us, which is the anointing!

Elisha aligned himself with Elijah and received a double portion. He walked with Elijah. He became Elijah’s disciple.  His only accreditation was to pour water on Elisha’s hands.  A menial duty, but it qualified Elisha to receive the double portion.  Receive the anointed one before we receive the Anointed One.

Make the calling and election sure, effective, through diligence and commitment of your response.

Elisha has received a touch, a small portion, a deposit, guaranteeing the full inheritance. If you have been operating out of the deposit instead of the double portion, then ask God for the fullness! As a son the full inheritance is yours!

There is a personal inheritance and a corporate inheritance.

Prepare a gift to release yourself from your old identity into the new.

God is sending people into your field to help you.

When it was time for Elisha to take over, he had already matured into his calling and identity; he was ready!

The two of them walked on together just like Abraham and Isaac walked on together up Mount Moriah. Choosing to walk on together when all the other prophets, every distraction has been stripped away is so important. It prepares Elijah to ask the question, what can I do for you? Elisha wanted double, he wanted everything, he wanted his full inheritance as a son who was about to receive all from his father. As you take your full inheritance, people will say of you, what happened, what did you receive? What happened when you entered that house where the woman had nothing, and when you left she had more than enough!

Elisha replied, I was effective in the mantle that my father gave me. I served the one with the anointing and now I have that anointing myself.

This is a time for Revival Fires. You will step under the mantle and get anointed for revival!

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