India Mission Report – Bhutan

It seems so long ago that we were all together and with our team from Revival Fires in the UK and  US lead by Chuck Pierce. 
Sharon and I are reaching Bhutan and carrying the Menorah which we were given to take to all the Himalaya surrounding nations and regions.

In each place God has given a prophetic word that will shift the church and call it to ‘Arise and Shine for your light has come!’ I am experiencing a fresh anointing for this region and we have had extreme visitations of angels and miracles in all the meetings.

In Gangtok the Angel of favour and blessing poured a fresh bowl of glory over us all which we were still under when we arrived for the Mass meetings.
We have truly shifted into a new realm of miracles as growths, tumours and cancers were disappearing as we laid hands on the sick,  then ears began to open and blind eyes were seeing. There were about 7-10 thousand each night and thousands came to a confession of faith in Christ. This is  the Hey year for 5775,  this is my year! Even outside the meetings people found out were we were and gave their lives to Christ. Truly the whirlwinds of heaven are distributing new seeds and we are harvesting them immediately, a little like Aaron’s rod in the ark producing fruit within 24 hours.
Keep praying for us as we are heading for the remote regions of Bhutan to meet with leaders and pray.

Here in Bhutan we have been praying in strategic places to see the name of Jesus lifted above all other names, all other gods, and to see people’s lives set free from bondage to tradition. We have released the breath of God upon the dry bones that they would live, they would stand up and become a mighty army! We have decreed the power of the blood of Jesus!

We are spending a few days now with Pastors individually that we have been working alongside in the North East, gathering in the great harvest together year upon year.

We are looking forward to being home with family and with you all, so do keep praying for us and those we love during this last week.

With love and prayers
Trevor and Sharon Baker


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