Prophetic Mandate: December 2014


This is a season of increase by increments: God has purposed for you to advance in rank and file to accomplish His plans. There is an ease to moving forward for God is lifting up our eyes; He is adjusting our perspective; He is calling us to rise up! He is calling us to lift up our hands in intercessory warfare, like Aaron and Hur lifted up the hands of Moses in the time of battle; seeExodus 17. Go further, go higher in prayer and intercession; position yourself so as to view and perceive from above and not beneath.

Acceleration accompanies advancement: Aaron’s rod budded, blossomed and bore fruit supernaturally. Moses’ rod brought deliverance from bondage and slavery and an entrance into the promises of God! There is a release of joy and laughter which brings us renewed strength. Stepping out with a prophetic violence to take the Kingdom (Matthew 11:12) we will see weak hands and feeble knees made strong. Christ’s resurrection empowerment affects our whole being as we move in supernatural boldness for extraordinary miracles! Power is being released; fire is starting to fall!

The Lord is announcing: ‘Fullness of time!’. There is a second chance being offered, and God is moving the second hand of the clock round, thrusting you back onto His timeline once more.

This is a new season and a new day. Watchers are being placed into position to look east; to see the first rays of the dawn, alert to the Heaven’s Blueprints coming down with models and plans not known till now. As eagles we rise easily in the prophetic realm having eyes fixed and focused on things above; see Colossians 3. There is access to a new level of visibility to see what God is doing. The honey of God’s presence brightens our eyes; we are engaged, we are locked onto His presence so that our thoughts and vision align with His thoughts and His ways: Isaiah 55:8-9.

A heavenly fragrance is released: Psalm 45 and Psalm 133

Blacksmiths are at work in heaven’s forge, equipping God’s people for ministry. Breakthrough sounds are heard; it is God’s workmanship underway. Bellows fan the flame. Tongues of fire are being manifested igniting what lay dormant in hearts and lives; prophetic promises buried in the land are coming to life again.

Extravagance and generosity renew us; God is breaking us free of old limitations and restricted mind-sets. Expect unusual and supernatural provision of finance, wealth, and resources like the fish with a coin in its mouth.

May you step into God’s fullness for you this month!
Trevor and Sharon Baker

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