Hello from Cape Town!

This is now our second weekend ministering in the Cape Town churches, first at New Life Vineyard Christian Fellowship and this weekend at Covenant Celebration Church.

We have taught, shared, prophesied and prayed for people, and we have seen an amazing release of anointing and the power of God at work on young and old alike!

We have told the stories of the great things happening in your lives in the Church at the ARC in Dudley and have literally seen that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy in people’s lives here! The blessing God sowed into your lives is multiplying as a harvest here in South Africa!

Already we have visited the church where Richard Maybery was the Senior Pastor and have been spending time with some of the leaders there ahead of our weekend conference early March at that church.

It’s a new season for the church: it’s time to step into new identity, leaving the past behind, receiving new strategy through revelation in the Secret Place of His Presence.

Thank you for your prayers – we really appreciate your prayer support over these times when we are away from you.  Tomorrow, Monday, we drive about 6 hours to Knysna for midweek meetings in a Partners in Harvest church there.

Much love

Trevor and Sharon

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