Ministry Update: Italy, May 2015

Hi there everyone

Thank you for your prayers and for your texts which have encouraged us here in Italy!

We pray that as we have been sowing together in the gospel that there will be a great joy in reaping a harvest as we see lives transformed and bodies healed through the power of God!

We started out in Florence on Tuesday and a spirit of prophecy was released over the gathering: Trevor shared about the glory of God and saw that a mantle of glory was coming down on people’s shoulders. The congregation responded in faith and each put on a robe to activate the new anointings God was blessing them with! He prophesied that Italy was a gateway nation for Western Europe and needs us to pray protection over its borders at this time, so that watchmen are on guard for what comes in and what goes out.

Then on Thursday, the journey to Naples took 8 instead of 4 hours. On arrival we found a city of extremes: amazing beauty with spectacular views and wealth on the one hand, and by contrast a serious garbage problem with rubbish piled on street corners and traffic hold ups like we have never seen before. So in the conference in the church there, Trevor and I  pressed through the spiritual traffic and cleared out some religious garbage! On Friday evening, the glory of God fell as Trevor taught about responding to God’s presence. Around 25 people were instantly healed without anyone touching them. This is God’s glory descending and heaven touching earth!

Some people with thyroid problems had burning sensations as God healed their glands
One lady had lumps under her arms which instantly disappeared, she looked but couldn’t find them!
A woman who was 100% deaf and whose healing had begun already, stood away from the pastor with her eyes closed so she couldn’t lip read and then repeated what he said – amazing healing!
Eyes were healed, ears were healed, a line of people with back and disc problems all bent over and touched their toes, swivelling round to show that movement was fully restored.

It was a joy to see God at work, and we give Him all the glory!

We got to visit Pompeii yesterday – that was a treat! And hey, the pizzas here are to die for:)

As you gather today in Dudley, be blessed as you become contagious in the blessing God pours upon your lives

All our love

Trevor and Sharon

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