Testimonies from India, after the “Peace & Prayer” Festival

Incredible stories continue to come in of God’s goodness and His power at work after the ‘Peace and Prayer Festival’ with Revival Fires in Madarihat, India. We love sharing these with you:

‘We are delighted to see how the believers here in Madarihat have been revived in the Spirit, brimming over with enthusiasm to share Jesus with others. This has been a great encouragement to all the churches in this region. Seven people recently accepted Jesus as their Saviour in the town. Praise God!’

Pastor Abraham Gajmer, Madarihat

Ramesh Das came for prayer at the ‘Peace and Prayer Festival’, as vision in his right eye was impaired. After prayer, his sight in that eye was fully restored, and he is so happy! God is so good!

Dheren Karmakar, a man in his 50‘s from a Hindu background, came to the festival with an ulcer that he had had for 6 months. He had been to a doctor, but had not seen any change in the condition. The prayer team leader laid hands on him and prayed, and God touched him. He is healthy and happy once again! Praise God!

Kakuli Karmakar, a Hindu woman in her 40s, had not been able to move her left arm for 3 months. The doctors couldn’t help her. After prayer from the team, she was delighted that she could move her hand freely again! Thank You, Lord!

Ratne Oraon, a 28 year old Christian woman, had been unable to conceive for the last 7 years, due to marital difficulties and stress. She had prayed many times and consulted doctors, all to no avail. However, at the festival, God intervened, touched her womb, and she is now pregnant. Her marriage has also been restored and there is peace in the family.  Glory to God!

Sanker Pandit, a grocer in his 30s from a Hindu background, had found blood in his urine. He had consulted many doctors, but the problem had not been cured. After prayer at the festival, he was completely healed. He is so grateful that his health has been restored. Thank You, God!

Find out more about Revival Fires Mission in India, and why don’t you also consider joining us on the next trip! CLICK HERE.

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