Prophetic Mandate: Iyar, April/May 2015

A Time of Transition

This second month in the Hebrew calendar is Iyar and there are three things that I believe God is unveiling that we need to know.

This is an inbetween time: we have moved out of the past place and we have not yet come into the fullness of the future that God has promised us. This is seen in the journey of the Children of Israel leaving Egypt, coming out of the place of slavery, control and hardship. The promise of a land flowing with milk and honey is given but not yet realised. Many of you are in this place of transition right now. We will advance if we understand that the tribe represented this month is the tribe of Isaachar. 1 Chronicles 12:32 tells us this tribe had understanding of the times to know what the nation should do.

This month is also a connecting month, so we need to become aware of the connections the Lord brings into our lives, because this will enable us to transition with ease. There will be connections that will join us with the apostolic in a new way. I sense the Lord saying, ‘I have positioned a Barnabas to bring you into your place of destiny; your Antioch has been determined!’ There is a revelation and understanding of timing God is releasing so you will be able to stay in time with Him.

This will be a time of testing as you prepare to enter into the celebration of Pentecost. Remember the journey from Egypt to Sinai where God manifested his glory was also marked by times of testing. Ask the Lord to reveal the test you are going through. Then don’t be dismayed by the circumstances but look in faith for the Presence of the Lord and walk in obedience to what He says. Just as Moses lifted his rod over the waters of the Red Sea in Exodus 14:6, and saw them move out of the way, God is about to move the obstacle out of your way so that you can advance. At Marah Moses put a branch into the water: Exodus 15:22-25. This resulted in God’s transforming power turning the bitter to sweet. It’s time to stop complaining, criticising and murmuring. Watch what comes out of your mouth: is it a faith statement or an unbelieving judgement? How we respond to pressure will determine whether we pass the test and move forward. Passing each faith test moves you into a new level of faith for the greater works and greater glory. Then we will possess the kingdom, and enter the land of prophetic destiny.

Remember: The Lord has placed people around you to enable you to move forward. Take hold of the promise and move through the test to the place of His empowering Presence. Know the timing of God, the relationships God is bringing into our lives, and the test of faith we need to be engaged in.

Decrees for this month

  • I will keep advancing
  • I will keep a watchful guard over my mouth
  • Through every test, I will speak out in faith
  • In all things God is working on my behalf
  • I will make it into the promise
  • I am set in God’s time
  • I will enter into praise in my test
  • Obstacles are removed as I walk in obedience
  • The bitter is turned to sweet as I drink of His goodness

Today we are in the 20th day of the Omer, the counting of the days from Passover to Pentecost, which is what the people of Israel did as they journeyed from Egypt to Sinai. There God gave them his word. On our journey towards Pentecost and the outpouring of His Spirit step forward, in God’s time, triumphing in the test and valuing the relationships God has destined to empower us.

This time of transition also coincides with our Understanding Dreams and the Seer Realm Gathering and concludes with our Pentecost Gathering. Do make time to join us at Revival Fires by attending the meetings or watching through link. We have two ministries, Breath of the Spirit, Barbie Breathitt and Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Living at His Feet ministries, which God is connecting with us for these gatherings. These are relational links to help transition us into times of revelation and empowerment so we enter into His Glorious presence in new ways.


Trevor Baker

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