Prophetic Mandate for Elul 5775 – Aug/Sep 2015

This month marks a halfway point in the Biblical calendar. A halfway point marks an important arrival position at a place on our journey that has started but is not fully completed. We realise we are in the middle of what God has asked us to accomplish or achieve!

This month of Elul is exactly this: the halfway point from the month of Nisan (the first month) to the month of Tishri (the last month) in the civil calendar, for the people of Israel. This is highly significant for us: it offers important lessons we can learn, as we prepare to move into our new portion – the advancement of our promise.

Over the past month, like you, I have been making the prophetic decrees regarding new assignments and new partnerships that God has appointed and assigned for me. Right now I hear the Lord saying, ‘Keep going! Don’t stop! Don’t give up! You have halfway there and doing well! You will make it! You will increase; you will step over the threshold from the old to the new! Yes, it is time for transition, for stepping over.’

This time of transition will be marked by a noticeable increase of angelic activity. Angels will help you to move forward and to enter your new portion; they will assist you to go straight ahead with focus and strength.

The tribe of Gad is representative of this month Elul. This tribe teaches us how to move forward and receive the commander’s portion – God’s best for you! Genesis 49:19 and Deuteronomy 33:20 will be of great benefit to read over and to gain encouragement from.

Genesis 49:19 says, “Raiders shall raid Gad, but he shall raid at their heels”. When you have an attack made against you and when you face opposition from the enemy, you will secure victory out of defeat. Be aware that the enemy is roaming around like a roaring lion seeking to devour the new portion God has assigned for your life.

In this month, lean upon the Lord for renewed strength. Allow the Holy Spirit to remove distractions. Withdraw into the secret place. Take time out to be in His presence. The Song of Solomon will instruct you and prepare you to meet the King in His Field when we celebrate Rosh Hashanah (the Head of the Year) next month.

In Song of Solomon 8:5, the Shulammite woman is coming out of the wilderness. She has been strengthened by the King’s hand, His voice and His presence. She has so changed in appearance that she is unrecognisable: “Who is this coming up out of the wilderness leaning upon her beloved?” A new nearness and intimacy in our relationship with the King will change the way we are and everything about us. Leaning upon His arm empowers us and clothes us with a new identity. Our old identity is put off; we are changed into His likeness. The desert place is where distractions are removed and we encounter His transforming presence.

This will be a time to receive new anointings and supernatural resources from the presence of God. Make yourself available to go to places where you can receive all that God wants to give you. It’s time to get equipped; it’s time to possess greater inheritance; it’s time to rule over all God has entrusted to you!

Two key places for equipping and encountering His Presence are the Summer of Miracles Gathering at Revival Fires and RiverCamp. (Please click each event title to find out more about them).

Decrees to make for this month.

  • I am empowered by His presence.
  • I am restored by His hand.
  • I am re-organising my life and re-ordering my time.
  • I am entering my new season.
  • I am clothed with a new identity.
  • I am an overcomer.
  • Angels are assigned to help me make the transition.
  • There are more for me, than against me.
  • I have eyes to see God’s supernatural provision.

Be blessed as you press ahead from this halfway point to possess your new portion.

Trevor Baker

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