Testimonies from the Dudley Healing Rooms, August 2015

Dudley Healing Rooms is passionate about the health and wellbeing of this community. If cancer, diabetes, pain or any other health issue is getting you down, this is the place to come and receive new hope. Visit www.healingrooms.com/yourhealing/testimonies to read about genuine people just like you who got well after visiting our Healing Room. Things are looking up!

First Thursday of every month, from 4.30pm – 6pm at the ARC AND on Conference / Gathering Thursdays

There is absolutely no charge for this service, and the only thing you have to lose is your illness! Our prayer team will pray healing and encouraging words, and as you stand in this atmosphere of God’s love, most people begin to feel much better. Some are instantly made well. That could be you. Refreshments are available in our coffee shop.

Come and receive YOUR healing, the healing that Jesus fully paid the price for when His blood was shed on the cross and He rose from the dead. Here are some testimonies from the month of August:

One man said that he no longer felt dizzy when he got up after the prayer. He was beginning to lift his shoulder. 

Another man felt more peaceful.

A word was given to a lady that healing from cystitis would come in 5 days. The pain did reduce alot in that time. 

A lady managed to come back to Healing Rooms again the next week, received more prayer, and actually managed to come to church during the conference for some sessions (she had feared being in company and in church and found it very difficult to be in large gatherings). Praise God!


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