Prophetic Mandates for Cheshvan – Oct / Nov 2015

This is a month to leap forward into the new place God is calling you to.

The trial you have come through – the tears, the testing – is your springboard into a place of triumph where you will rule with a new authority.

This is a time to move in resurrection power, no longer constrained by the restrictions of the past or the pain of the process. The working of the cross was always designed to bring you into the place of resurrection life and new beginnings. This is the time for you to mark down, to note down your new beginning. Don’t wait for it to happen: it’s already begun; it’s happened; now leap into it!

In the past season you needed the truth that Psalm 119:105 speaks of, ‘Your word is a lamp to your feet’, illuminating each and every step. Now light is shining on your path and you can leap forward. I hear the voice of God say, “You are in a Leap Time! That which took three years to transition through in the past is going to be accomplished in three months.”

And what will be the result of this Leap? You will possess the gates of the enemy who tried to overthrow you in your territory, ministry, or sphere of influence. You have overcome his defiant attack, and his throne, representing his dominion over you, and his ability to influence your way forward is broken. Now leap forward!

God says “Your persistence and endurance in spiritual warfare has skilled you to a new level so you are no longer in close combat, one on one. I am giving you the wisdom of strategies to run through enemy troops and to leap over walls. You will walk unhindered with new determination and intention to become your most effective and your most influential.”

Speak out! I see words leaping out of your mouth as you discover your voice again. Those who need to hear you are positioned right around you, to receive the words leaping out in faith, propelling God’s purposes forward.

Psalm 18:29 is a key verse for this month:

For by You I can run against a troop,

and by my God I can leap over a wall

The Lord is saying, “You have known the natural or gradual growth of ‘first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn’, but I say, now prepare to receive your supernatural increase. This is time to joyfully leap forward! When Aaron’s rod supernaturally became fruitful and carried new authority, it was a leap forward for Aaron to speak and act in a new level of power. The rod is the word you proclaim that will see situations change around you. Sickness will change to health; the impossible will become possible. Read, learn and get accustomed to My word, then speak out My word to see a release of My creative power!”

Decree for this month:

  • I am preparing to receive God’s supernatural increase
  • I am being empowered with a new authority
  • I am receiving supernatural power to leap over obstacles
  • I have found my voice for this new season
  • At the sound of my voice creative power will be released
  • I am receiving wisdom and strategies to run through the enemy’s troops
  • I will joyfully leap forward

I pray increased blessing upon you in this LEAP TIME.

Trevor Baker

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