Financial Breakthrough!

We received this incredible testimony of amazing financial breakthrough that happened for Richard during the Secret Place Conference, January 2016. May it be both encouragement and seed for you as you reach out to God for his increase and abundance!

I just wanted to write and give testimony for a significant wealth transfer that happened to me when I was last at your conference after Christmas. When I checked my bank statement at Merry Hill on the second day of the conference, I found the HMRC rebated me £13,763! My accountant had no explanation!

I praise God for your ministry, and have been glad to come and bask in the blessing of the conferences since the days of the Grace centre meetings in 2002. I have this year become a partner, and one day hope to come on a missions trip with you.

This year, despite adverse circumstances in business I have known significant provision. I believe I have broken through a realm of mammon, it no longer holds me. May I be a forerunner of what will happen to the church in these last days!

Best wishes,

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