Becky sent us this amazing report of a significant that healing that happened to her daughter during the Dudley outpouring in 2008, and which the is still walking in the fruit of! Praise God! Remember, what God has done in the past he can do now! If you need healing, come to our Healing Rooms on the first Thursday of every month from 5pm – 6pm at the ARC. Details here…

My daughter had pneumonia and she was in and out of hospital for a good year or so because of this and had a few different types of pneumonia. It seemed like a weekend routine to end up back in hospital. My cousin told me about the healing that was happening in Dudley. I had been brought up to be a JW so I’d never heard about healing, and I didn’t want any religion in my life – I’d had enough of that as a child.

But Friday came and the doctor said my daughter Gemma was to be admitted into hospital again. She had collapsed again at school. I was driving her to the hospital but just kept on driving… all the way to Dudley! I prayed to God the whole way “If you heal my daughter, I will go to church.”

I carried her into the ARC. I was slightly disappointed as she wasn’t called to be laid hands on, but she was enjoying her time there. By the end of the night she was dancing!

Every day after that she got better. She went back to school… and never went to hospital again!

My daughter Gemma is now 22 and is in her final year of her law degree and loves church.


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