Lyme Disease Healed!

In 2004, I contracted Lyme disease from a tick near Stroud in Gloucestershire. It is a progressive, degenerative disease which requires long term antibiotic treatment. The strain I had affected my central nervous system giving symptoms similar to ME, also causing psychiatric, neurological, muscoskeletal and general medical symptoms. I spent six years being bedridden, lost my sight for six months two years ago and the pain in my head became so bad I would just sit and scream. Just standing up made me feel like I was dying. I’d been trying to raise the money to go to America for treatment since I was diagnosed in 2010. I’d put my will in place this spring because I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Then I hit rock bottom, and I mean a place with absolutely no options. My career, my identity, my savings, my ability to provide for myself all gone. With my flat which I’d been unable to sell since 2005 because the freeholder had not completed maintenance work being contended in the courts since 2014 waking up unable to see was the final straw. I told God I wanted to resign as a Christian! He gently reminded me I had a blood covenant relationship with His Son. God has held me through these twelve long years. Even through the crises.

Three weeks ago I was prayed for at Revival Fires church in Dudley. The first night their Pastor prayed for me. I stopped asking God to rescue me. Stopped asking why Lyme, why me. I asked to thrive in God not just survive. He prayed and the permanent damage in my brain caused by Lyme, the dysfunction all resolved overnight. I have SPECT scans showing no blood flow to areas that look like holes. The toxins produced by the bacteria made other areas overactive. I woke up the next morning with my brain fully functioning.

I was then prayed for Lyme disease the following morning by one of the ministry team members. I felt it lift off me, like a weight being lifted. I got up off the floor and I was beaming! The Lyme disease was gone! No reaction from die off of the bacteria, they just disappeared. My energy system was back to normal completely. I had pages of symptoms. They’ve all disappeared. I just want to give God the glory for healing me!

Isaiah 61 is the scripture God gave me for my life. I don’t regret one minute of the illness. God didn’t cause it, but He has used it to bring me closer to being who He created me to be. Allowed me to mature and grow to know Him. Trust Him. Given me keys and authority to pray for healing. I am now walking on into what He has for my life.

Heather McIvor


God has been moving in an incredible way in the last few weeks at Revival Fires: healing the sick and bringing freedom to the captives!

We want to continue in all that has been happening and will hold “ENCOUNTER” evenings on the first Saturday of each month. We invite you join us in worship to encounter the presence of Jesus.

Bring the sick and those needing a touch of the life-changing power of God. We will pray and lay hands on every person wanting ministry.

Sat 5 Nov, 4-6pm. Click here for full details.

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