Report from North East India

We have been so blessed by reading this report and update of the fruit and the follow up work by pastors in the North East of India following the November mission trip. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!
Greetings to you in the precious name of our saviour Christ Jesus.

We trust the Lord is continue to keeping you well and is guiding you and using you mightily for His glory and His kingdom.

On 19th of November it was a blessed and wonderful time for us to be together with Pastors and Leaders of Mahakaguri area to share all the happenings and healing taking place during and after the Prayer Festival.
The Testimonies which we are sharing with you today are shared by Pastors and Leaders during our 19th Fellow-up the meeting at Mahakaguri.

Pastor Pradip Narjinary : Shared that on 20th of October i.e last day of the Festival, when you were prophesying to Pastor Pradip, there was a man waiting for his turn to be prayed for, his name Markus Marandi, then he thought that his turn will not come, Because he was paralyze and could not move fast, so he decided to go back and sit, When he was going back to his sit he suddenly felt that something happening in his body and his movement was becoming normal, he was slowly able to walk normally, then he walked and walk and walked when he testify himself that Jesus heal him and he begin to shout and started to tell people that Jesus Healed him completely. This is a wonderful testimony and by his testimony his village people are greatly impress and wondering and are believing Lord Jesus Christ and coming to church. We praise God for this wonderful testimony. And still the healing prayer is going on in Pastor Pradip church and people are getting healed.

Pastor Sumit Basumata: He shared that in his village there was couple named Abhiram Lakra and Rukushri Lakra. The had a spiritual problem in their life. There was no prayer, no fellowship and they knew that because of this they have lots of problem in the family. They could not get such teachings and fellowship. But when they attended the Revival Fires morning seminar regularly at the last day of the seminar they both could speaks in the Tongues and were filled with Holy Spirit. From the next day their life style was changed they became humble, the real peace of Jesus was filled their heart and thoughts. They sit in prayer together in the family now. Looking at their changing life and prayer they became a example for many church people. Their life is also changing. Praise God.

Mr. Hiron Basumata, The Head Master of the Mahakaguri Mission High school: He shared about a adhibasi Tribal Lady age may be 37. She had a Tumor on her left side neck. She had prayer in the Prayer Festival but she could not feel any change, after the festival when she went back home, the next day morning she found there was no tumor on her left side neck. She then testifies her healing to her family members and all the village people. This testimony became great news to the surrounding and people are praising The real God Jesus Christ Praise God!

Pastor L.B. Chattri Mahakaguri: He shared the his sister in-law, Rani Narjinary, age 40 years, she had throat infection and pain. She was prayed in the Prayer festival by the team member and after three days her throat infection was gone and there was no pain. And now she is very happy and sharing her testimony to the village people. Praise God!

Pastor Padip Narjinary: Shared the there was lady Named Stela Basumata 28 years, she had a tumor on her chest. As she was prayed by Trevor the tumor was gone, at that time she was very much surprise and she could not believe it, but after some time as she was normal she found that there was no tumor, She then dancing and praising God giving thanks to Jesus. Praise God!

Mr.Basant Basumata Samuktala: shared that there was a lady 45 years old, her name is Chronika Narjinary she was paralyze could not move and could walk. After the prayer by Trevor she slowly begins to walk with some body help. But after some week now she is walking and moving herself and also she is eating food with her hand, Praise God for this wonderful testimony. In samuktala many people visit her home and testify this great healing of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallallua Amen and Praise God!

A Hindu Bengali family came from samulktala area both husband and wives were sick ( body pain, Chest pain weakness)from long time and no peace in the family. They regularly attended the Prayer festival and at the last day of the Festival they were touched by Jesus and they felt something changed in their body and they feel very light in the body and the their mind and heart was filled with peace. Now they are giving their testimony to others people and their relatives. Praise God!

Her Name is Budhari Narjinary. She had many problem on her body, she could not work properly and she felt very tired always. On the third day of the Prayer Festival she gave her cloth for prayer and after the prayer when she reached back at her home, she was feeling very fit and fine and she felt much more energetic in her body. She is now praising Jesus and sharing her testimony. Praise God!

Mr. Sarkar, 45 years old. He was attack by paralyze since last two years. During the prayer festival he was being prayed  and after the prayer he was walking with Trevor and praising God. Now he feels stronger and better then before and he is slowly walking himself without any support. Praise God!

From Dhoula Tea Garden name Manya Besra. She was suffering from many sickness and body pain, after prayer she was healed and she got delivered from all sickness. Now she is very happy and telling people that True God is Lord Jesus Christ. And she is preaching to village people, Amen and Praise God!

From Nepraguri village. Name Nirola Rava age 35 years, She had a tumor on stomach she did many treatment but there was no relief from the tumor. But in the Prayer festival during the first day she was touch by Jesus and she was healed. Now there is no tumor on her stomach and she is free from her pain and she is praising God and sharing her testimony to other people. Praise God!

In Mahakalguri one Bodo woman, age 45years was healed from her heart problem. After the meeting she went back to the doctor and after examination doctor said the you are OK there is no serious problem in your heart now. This lady is testifying Jesus to all her relatives and her village people. Amen and Praise God!

From Loknathpur Tea Garden, A young lady age 21 years, came to attend the Prayer Festival because in her house there was always fighting in the family and the bad habits of so much alcoholism, there was no peace at all in the family. She came in the festival and regularly she was prayed by the team members during the 3 days meeting. After the prayer festival she went back to her home and she fond the there was some changes in the family , every one was very normal and she felt that Jesus heared her Prayers. And now no body use to fight and no alcoholism. There is peace in the family. Now what she realize and give her testimony is that if she could not attend the Peace and Prayer Festival at Mahakalguri, she may  could miss this great opportunity to received this great inner healing and Peace in her life and her family. Praise God.

Trevor and Sharon, We were and we are so blessed and happy to be a very small part of the Peace and Prayer Festival every year and we rejoice and Praise God that this becomes possible because of your prayer, Blessings and financial supports.
We are thankful to our God and to You that we could See, Hear and Share these encouraging and deeply moving testimonies with You. In fact so many wonderful things is still happening and taking place where we could not go in remote area, the news is coming to me some time over phone some time people come and visit to share their testimony. We must say that the kingdom of GOD is expending day after day and people are accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior.

Trevor and Sharon for this great cause of the GOSPLE in this part of the world we have nothing to give you accept our heartfelt gratitude, Love, Prayer and deepest remembrance for the Baker’s family and Revival Fires. Our Prayers for every Wishes, Love, Prosperity, Success and let His Grace be with You and your ministry as You continue to grow in Lord and His Kingdom.

Lastly, Bunu’s engagement ceremony was very Blessed one and we together with Vikrants family and our family celebrated it in a Blessed way. Thank you Trevor and Sharon for all yours prayer and blessings for the Bunu and Vikrant and the two families.

Papa’s House children are doing well they are enjoying your gifted warm clothes.

Once again we extend our Love and Prayers to you and all bakers family there.

Benjamin and George.

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