Healing Encounter Testimonies

God is moving in an incredible way: healing the sick and bringing freedom to the captives! Read these testimonies of healing from recent Healing Encounter meetings at Revival Fires.
We will continue to press in for more healing, and invite you to our next Healing Encounter on Sat 7 Jan 2017. We invite you join us in worship to encounter the presence of Jesus. Bring the sick and those needing a touch of the life-changing power of God. We will pray and lay hands on every person wanting ministry.

Click here for registration details.



A woman with oesophagus reflux always felt as if something was stuck in her throat, but after prayer, what seemed stuck was dislodged and no longer an irritation to her.

Another woman was prayed for and had a yoke of affliction broken off. For 3 years she had back and hip pain and sciatica. She testified that her hip was now as good as new and the pain had left after having it constantly for the last 3 years.  She said, ‘something has lifted off me!’ It was the spirit of affliction that was taken away!
A man was prayed for and said out loud, ‘I feel flickery! All the pain I had in my body has gone and I feel totally at peace.’
Praise God for these amazing testimonies from our recent Healing Encounter!

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