Testimonies: February 2017

We love hearing how the Lord is moving among people through prayer and ministry at Revival Fires church and gatherings. We have received these testimonies this month and love to share them with you. Remember, what God has done for others He can do for you too! Come to one of our meetings or gatherings, if you want prayer for any sickness or need, let us know! Click here for a list of upcoming events:



Heart Disease

Trevor gave a word of knowledge for ‘heart disease’ a few conferences back. I reluctantly and eventually walked forward. I am now totally healed of heart disease and angina since then! I went home and took my heart tablets but felt ill after taking them! I came off my medication and had the test results… I am healed and have the results in writing! Praise the Lord!




Seven years ago Trevor gave a word about failing kidneys. A friend pushed me towards the stage to stand on behalf of my brother who had failed kidneys. I donated a kidney to my brother two years later. I have the same blood group and a perfect tissue match. The surgery was a complete success. Five years on, the kidney is still working…  I and my brother are in excellent health. My brother got an urge to go to church – as my kidney was born again! Amen – Glory to God!



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