Italy Ministry Trip Report, May 2017

We wanted to tell you what’s been happening here in Italy, to encourage you and thank you for praying for us!
We have done loads of travelling as this week of ministry covers several cities, Cremona, Turin and onto Florence on Monday, before flying back home from Milan on Wednesday evening. 
So,  starting out in Cremona where Stradivari lived and made his violins, we held meetings  in an ancient catholic church no longer in use, but still with all the icons and artwork, including confessionals and altars in place. And God came! A handful of people gave their lives to Christ, but so many healing took place, I lost count after writing down the first 12 testimonies! Two ladies threw their sticks and crutches down as they could walk unaided again, legs lengthened, backs cracked as they were realigned, legs stretched out, a crooked foot was restored,  One young man who had tremours was healed, then laughed as he couldn’t stop shaking in the Spirit!  He was so happy:)  One lady in the line got healed whilst waiting, and just bent over to show what she couldn’t do before. Another lady was set free from generational curses and was just radiant in her freedom.
What amazed me was that this is a fulfillment of the prophetic words – go to the nations and experiment with miracles, find the miracle code! What God says He will do!
Trevor has had such a great flow of prophetic teaching, and faith has been released in every meeting, you can literally see it happening. In Turin we have seen resurrection life breathed into the church in our two meetings on Saturday where Pastors and leaders from at least 10 churches came as well. There are two more churches on Sunday; the pastors have already told us they have such a hunger for the anointing and the ministry of the word.  The translator is brilliant, so that makes life very easy! 
We pray that in the meeting this morning, you will know an outpouring of healing which is our DNA, our covenant promise, the children’s bread; and it’s what we have faith that God will surely do. As you hear the word preached this morning, I pray it will take root in your hearts, and the fruit of it will be seen in your lives for God’s glory.
All our love and see you all next weekend.
Trevor and Sharon
P.S. The pizza is amazing 🙂

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