Manabari follow up: 

We have been following up with the Young Women/Children club in Manabari area where we had training in the month of September. We have chosen 10 volunteer amongst the participants to become leaders of the club. As part of the next plan we have sent training materials for these 10 leaders who will be responsible to carry our weekly activities at the club and spread awareness about various pressing issues/challenges faced by the young girls/women in the area. We plan to have a capacity building training for these Young girls in the month of December 2017.

We had two volunteer members of this Club help us during the Children’s Day Celebrations. Our Community field worker from Malbazar has been connecting these girls with local Ngos in Malbazar for any immediate help and assistance they require in Manabari.


Dooars Field Visit: 

We visited Borodighi No.7 Area in Malbazar area regarding the placement of three minor Girl Child in a Shelter Home in Jalpaiguri. The mother of the minors has been missing since last many years. We assisted the relative of the Minors who needed help to lodge a Missing Person’s Complaint in the Local Police Station in Malbazar.

We met the community and spoke to the neighbours to verify the details regarding the case. We also visited the Local Primary School where one of the girls have been enrolled to verify details and check if the relative has shared the true details regarding the missing person and the Minors.

Details of the Minors:

3 girls aged 13, 10 and 7 years

Mother is 27 years and has also been missing.

We are following up with the case so that the Mother of the Minors can be traced at the earliest and can return home.


We successfully drafted the Home –Study Report for missing person (name removed) Our field worker submitted the report and has been following up with the case. The family has been approaching the CWC for the custody of the Child. But we have been advocating for the Minor survivor to stay in Shelter home for at least for a month so that she is able to avail of post rescue Psycho-social care and counselling. Despite our efforts & follow up the CWC have released the Minor Girl to the family.

We are following up with the family to ensure the girl is not re-trafficked.


Survey in Bidhanagar Mathachulka area:

We conducted a Survey in this area to assess the cases of Missing Person, Trafficked or re-trafficked from this area and explore how many school drop outs at present are living in the area. The objective of the Survey is to explore the scope of our work & interventions in the field.

Most Children from this area drop out of school or miss school to help their family to earn an income or with daily household chores.


Children’s Day Programme in Dooars: 

On the Eve of Children’s Day we organised a Day long cultural program for around 80 Children. Food Packets were distributed. Music & Fun activities were part of the celebration. Teachers & Caregivers spoke to the Children about their rights & shed some light behind the reason to celebrate ‘Bal- Diwas’- Children’s Day throughout India. It was an event in collaboration with the Local Ngo, SSB, and Local Police Station and Local Government & Primary Schools.


Kolkata Conference 

We had the opportunity to attend a Two-Day Long International Conference on Anti-Human Trafficking in Kolkata. It was a great platform to equip ourselves with the latest trends to combat Human-Trafficking in our respective field. It was also a good opportunity to network with National & regional Ngos sharing the best practises of each Ngos.


Thank you!

Smearing Khati

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