Papa’s House – Revival Children in India

George and Titi sent this message in his recent email to us:

Firstly, I would like to take this moment and time to THANK each and every one of YOU for all your ongoing support and for standing up together with us for the welfare and wellbeing of Papa’s House.  We are extremely grateful to each and every one of you for your Financial Support and Funds Donated towards Papa’s House through REVIVAL FIRES.

We praise God for every happiness, favour and success this year, in all our endeavours till now as our staff team work with the children. Having said that we will not be honest if we do not bring forth the challenges and difficulties that come along our way while carrying out the responsibilities in our day-to-day work. Dengue fever broke out in West Bengal quite severely and 6 of the children have been affected with it, and are recovering with medication and separate care. Do pray for healing and restoration for these children:

Sunny Lakra.

Dipali Xalxo.

Ritika Kujur.

Laxman Biswakarma. 

Krishna Oraon.

Pradeep Oraon

Ishak, Joba and Pintu have returned to their extended families now and are being supported regularly by Papa’s House and Smerin who intervenes with training and advice for adolescent and family matters too. Do join us to pray that the transition process for these three young people will have a positive way forward as their next step in life.  

Over this last year we have supported Rahul Sarki to complete his 12th examinations, take up part-time work and help in his studies and guiding him in every aspect be it spiritual and educational.  We helped Debojit get a Toto Tuk-tuk rickshaws for part-time work and continue to support Debojit in everyday life.

Your help and encouragement has changed many and are impacting precious lives here in India. Your every valuable contribution has the power of shaping and changing a child’s Life. So we want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and encourage you to sow into Papa’s House India.  Yours in His Vineyards,

George Khati & Twameka Khati Das.



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