Lighthouse Project Update: Bhunu Khati

This year has been very exciting year, Ever since Lord put this burning passion in my heart to set up my dream project Light-House I have been constantly reminded of the true meaning and essence of Perseverance & Patience. God ‘s speed sometime is also measured by how faithful we are while we are waiting to hear from God or waiting for an answer for all our prayers. Over the start of this New Year I have truly witnessed what it means to be rewarded for patiently waiting for God to speak to us through people & circumstances. I have felt that God has put a sense of newness in how I perceive things. On a personal level I want to really focus on my strength than the challenges that comes before me. God has also been speaking to me to love relentlessly and cherish people in my life who are my support system, This year I want to be able to maintain a good balance between the work I am so passionate about  & my personal space i.e enjoy the phase of being married, not being to caught up in getting things done all the time, learning how to be still before God and let God ‘s will prevail over my will & my ways. 

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