Christmas Celebrations at Papa’s House

Papa’s House in West Bengal celebrating their Christmas programmes and presentations in their school hall. Well done children for all the singing, acting and dancing!


Papa’s House – our Revival Children in Siliguri

The children at Papa’s House are children from the poorest of backgrounds, caught in the poverty trap where one parent may have left, or a new ‘dad’ has rejected the child; another has insufficient means to provide for them, or alcoholism has stolen all hope of a stable home and any food on the table. 


The children celebrate local and national traditions as a Christian community together.


George Khati, who runs Papa’s House with us in India, writes:

“Greetings to you from Khati’s & Papa’s House Family. We are so pleased that we have You and our Prayer Partners to stand with us throughout this journey. The children at Papa’s House are preparing for their final examinations in the month of March and the teachers are helping out the children in their lesson and school syllabus. We had a great republic day celebration in January where some of the children showcased their creativity through a cultural dance program, group song, and parade.”

George went on to thank us very much for our prayers which have encouraged them all as a family, and that they have felt  a release of a fresh mantle of strength. He said that he truly believes this year that there will be a re-alignment in the heart of our loving Father God and that they will really witness a breakthrough and restoration this year after the intense battles and challenges of the last season.

Do continue in prayer for the Khati family and team at Papa’s House – they stand in as mothers and fathers, teachers and mentors, carers and friends to around 40 children. Pray that they will know victory in their walk with the Lord, in health, in relationships, in finance, in influence in their community, and in fulfilling the call of God on their lives.

We are thankful for all those who sponsor a child – every penny makes a significant and tangible impact on a child’s life. If you would like to also sponsor a child, one child costs £30 per month which covers the care package for food, accommodation, education, clothes, and any medicines. We have had several questions, asking about how you can give a portion towards a child’s support, so I have broken down the costs for you below. You can make donations online ( or by sending in a cheque to Revival Fires.

  • £15 per month helps provide 3 good meals a day
  • £5 per month supports a child’s school and personal personal needs, medicine, etc
  • £5 a month goes towards the household bills
  • £5 a month helps cover salaries for George and Titi as houseparents & teachers


We pray rich blessings on you! Thank you for reading and blessing the children at Papa’s House.

Sharon Baker


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