Seeds of Faith

Trevor has been sharing a message about how God desires to give us ‘Seeds of Faith.’ At the end, as an activation, Trevor gives a small bag of seeds top everyone, to plant and prayer over the spiritual seeds the Lord is planting in our lives. We received this wonderful testimony from Esther in Chiswick:
It was a very special Sunday for me when I took home three of your packets of barley seeds: one for me, one for my other main UK colleague, Callum, who is interning with Canon Andrew White and helping him to oversee the displaced Christian Iraqi community in the Middle East. We are already great believers in the power of prophetic decrees but decided to take you literally and take a trip to the local garden centre to buy some pots and some house-plant compost. 
We planted the seeds 3 days after you spoke and declared every individual and shared promise and prophecy over our lives, our ministry, Andrew and his wife’s health and divine resource for the Iraqis, every day without fail. Despite seeing just soil for many days, we looked again a week ago to this beautiful sight – an early harvest and a shift of season!
We continue to speak to our pots and embrace every scroll, oracle and promise of Heaven and we declare and decree that the barley harvest will be rich this year!
Blessings to both of you and thank you again for your faithfulness and your great passion for the things of God.”

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