Prayer Request for Papa’s House, Monsoon Floods

Hello Friends

We have just received this email from Papa’s house, the home of our Revival Children in North East India. While we have been enjoying the sunshine, they have been enduring monsoon rains which have resulted in floods!
Please join us in praying for them and seeing the situation turned around.
Thank you, with blessings,
Trevor & Sharon Baker


Benjamin Khati writes:
“Dear Trevor & Sharon. We are facing a problem due to heavy and continuous rain, for the last three days and nights. I haven’t seen and experience this type of rain in India! We have even had to close the Holy Word School due to the rain. We hope it will soon be normal. 
If this rain continues – even for one more day – I would have call to Siliguri Municipal Operations to move all the children to a safer place. But thank God the rain has slowed down, and the static resting water is starting to pass through our property. Our children are all safe. We really appreciate your prayers at a time like this! 
Benjamin Khati”

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