Papa’s House – February 2020

February is one of the best months of the year as the weather is so much better than other months because it is that time of the year when we welcome the beautiful Spring. Spring is the time when the world slowly shows signs of life after a long winter. The coming of spring is a beautiful picture of what Jesus does in our hearts when we give our lives to him. Therefore we must praise Christ Jesus for the New Session of fullness of Life and His Promise for Us.

Our appreciation and gratitude to all our Partner Sponsors and Revival Fires Prayer Partners for your powerful Prayers and your continued financial commitment towards Papa’s House Children ‘s in India.

We want to say Thank you For lifting us up in Prayer, Interceding on behalf of us and for letting us know you Care.

For I believe that, our Spirits are knitted together through our Faith in Jesus Christ and we are truly the family of our loving mighty God when, through Prayers, we can Unite in the oneness of His Holy Spirit.

We Express our sincere Thanks towards Trevor and Sharon. For the kindness that you’ve shown, For being there to Support Us. And for always being there when we needed you and for listening to us. For your regularly covering us in your Prayers, and for offering Hope and for showing us you Cared.

With great pleasure, we present to you the monthly report of Papa’s House for February 2020:

We started the classes of this month by preparing our students for the upcoming final exam. Final monthly tests were taken for the assessment of the students before the exam. The tests were taken one per each day and after that, the classes were continued according to the routine.

The Children ‘s of Papa’s House participated in a workshop on 31st January hosted by the Light House on women empowerment and finding the purpose of Living through God. The students presented Gospel songs along with our Principal George Sir, who assisted them by playing the guitar. The members of The Light House also presented a dance number which was liked and appreciated by all the viewers.While listening to the guest speaker at the beginning of the workshop, the students got to learn about how one can find the purpose of one’s life through God. The program lasted for several hours but Children ‘s were there just for the 1st session. The lunch was provided for all the students including the staff, viewers and the guests.

During the second week of February to we organised a Theme-based Art competition where we directed our students to draw pictures of their Friends and Loved ones. This activity was done to make the Children ‘s understand the Value of Gods Love in our Family and Society. Importantly, to express and lead a Christ centric Love towards their family, friends and teachers etc. All the students participated joyfully and were very Blessed.The necessary items such as art papers, pencils, erasers and colours were provided by the School.

One of our Children, Roma, from Papa House attended the program of Billion Rising on 14th February where Roma and the 3 Girls of Light House together were requested to present an opening dance for the program based on Women empowerment. Roma was very excited to be part of the this event and performing in such a big platform in from of hundreds of gatherings. For this event, she had prepared and practised hard with others and presented a beautiful dance number which they performed. The spectators were very pleased by their dance and cheered them on for the performance. During, the event Mrs Moumita khati Pathak also delivered a brilliant speech on Women empowerment which enlightened everyone on this program as well.

Work and Play forms an Important component for the overall development of the Child, so we have introduced new activities and games for the Children ‘s. During our activity Classes in February, we taught a new game called ‘Pictionary’ to the children where they learnt to convey their message with the help of their artistic skill.
The main purpose of such activity class is to develop:

  • Imagination power
  • Thinking skill
  • Creative skill
  • Observation skill, and
  • Cooperation among the students.

Through constructive and creative activity and games Children always Learn faster and something smarter new.

On 26th February the Children’s of Papa House participated in another event hosted by an Local Organization working in the field of women and children Welfare.Our Children prepared to performed a dance number on a western song infornt of a Packed house full audience. The dance was very much appreciated by all the audience and the organizers. For their presentation our Childrens were praised by the chief Guest who was an Indian Army Officer.


  • Please continue to pray for Childrens Annual Examinations from first week of March.
  • Please pray for a better understanding of examination papers by all the children.
  • Please pray for Good Health and spirit of each children.
  • Please pray for all the Papa’s House staff and their good health.

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