Papa’s House – March 2020

Dear Revival Fires family, Sponsors, Donors & Prayer Partners,

Easter Greetings to you from Papa’s House India. All around the world we Christians are celebrating Easter CHRIST RESURRECTION DAY. This Holiest of days Announces that death does not have the final word and that Eternal Life awaits those who would just BELIEVE in HIM.


We are happy to present and share with you Papa’s House children Report. We praise God for all his favours and all the provisions that he has ushered onto us and we thank him for his faithfulness in our daily lives.

We started our first week of march by doing final recapitulation and revision of the syllabus to prepare the students before their final examination. Oral tests were taken every day for assessing their exact level of preparation.

During recess and activity class we played games with children such as badminton and carom so that the children wouldn’t get fatigued by examination stress. Games also help the children to improve their attention span and their motor skills.

The students are also actively taking part in their regular Sunday school amidst the exam preparation, where they got to learn to celebrate as a day of worship and rest, holding it as the Lord’s day and the day of Christ’s resurrection. Pastor Benjamin and George sir teaches through the Bible lessons not only for the children but also others present at the Sunday school, about the ability to grow in relationship to God is possible only in fellowship with each other. Valuing time alone in prayers and communion with God, also spending times to praising God through drama, Bible verse recitation, and songs and importantly give thanks for God’s gracious love in worship and prayer with one another.

The examination was started on 12th March. It lasted for a week and a half. The examination started at 9 o clock in the morning and ended at 12 in the noon.

We are thankful that we were able to complete our examination quickly before the Government officially declared the 21 days lockdown. After the exam was over we quickly informed the guardians of the children and sent them over to them as we were instructed by the Authorities in person but we are keeping a track of their wellbeing.


  • Do cover in your Prayers for the well being of Papa’s House Children’s and their Guardians.
  • Benjamin and Swapna and their Health.
  • Papa’s House Support Staffs, who all are still with us during this lockdown.
  • The Safety of our Core Team as we continue to engage in and reaching out to Community with AID and Support taking all Precautionary measures and Protections.
  • Pray for our Country India, our Community and our city of Siliguri so as that come to know the Power of the Salvation of Jesus during this unprecedented Global and National times.
  • Please Pray for the Wellbeing and Safety of our Children’s who are back in the Communities with their Guardians and Family under the Guidelines and Orders of Government Directives.

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