Covid-19 Food Relief, India

Thank you to all our church family and partners who have given towards the emergency feeding programme in West Bengal, India. Here are some photos and a short update from George who has started  this distribution.

With all our love and thanks for your generosity! If you would like to continue giving towards Papa’s House, LightHouse Project and all the ministry we do in India, please click here.

Trevor & Sharon Baker.


Dear Trevor and Sharon,

Jaimashi ki Shalom from Papa’s House, India.

We were able to organize a Covid-19 Food Relief Distribution Program at our village community yesterday. We were able to reach 50 deserving needy families of our village.
As, I had mentioned to Trevor the other day, we had received some ration help from my school friend based in Bangalore, this was enough for 10 families. After your approval and kind financial support we were able to reach 40 more families yesterday.

We will again do a similar Covid-19 Relief Drive for another 60 families in few days time.

Thank you very much once again for financial relief support for 100 deserving families.

Please cover us in prayers as our District and Town has been declared a Red Zone yesterday. It was an Orange Zone previously. We need your prayers as there are panic atmosphere everywhere.

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