LightHouse Report, April 2020

Dear Friends and Partners of Revival Fires.
We wanted to update you with the latest reports from our amazing Revival Fires team and all they are doing in North East India. You will see how they have taken the love of Jesus in very practical ways to demonstrate the power of God’s love.
Trevor and Sharon say a big thank you on behalf of the Revival Fires team for all you support! You can continue to be part of this mercy ministry by giving to Revival Fires. Please click here to do so.

LightHouse Report, April 2020

Update on the Community Outreach: We truly believe we are entering a new season – a shift in the natural and supernatural realms around the world and we as a grassroot level organisation are convicted that there is no time as now to reach out to others in love and compassion which is centric to Jesus.

Smita (name changed) who is a survivor of human trafficking working as a community level worker in her village in Jalpaiguri continues to reach out to the people in her community to distribute facemasks made by her with the tailoring machine we had donated her to self sustain in the village.

She and her husband continues to give us the ground report on the challenges faced by the people in her village who do not share the sure & certain hope that we have in Jesus. We have been supporting Smita with a monthly remuneration and some extra financial support to buy some material to make the facemasks.

This financial support has helped her and her family to sustain during this lockdown period when her husband is unable to earn as he is a daily wage earner.

We are continuing to follow up with her via phone calls guiding her prayerfully and mentoring her to do the community out-reach family visits to distribute face masks, to share about hygiene / other precautionary measures to combat Covid19 and to share awareness about potential traffickers who may target the poor families grooming them for early child marriage, luring them to migrate to bigger cities after lockdown in promise of a job to sell the young girls into commercial sexual exploitation/prostitution.

We strongly believe even though these are wild times we who have the sure and certain hope in Jesus are called to be the true salt & light in a world crippled by fear of the evil forces. We want to relentlessly work to reach the unreached to bring them to the light.

Update of Survivor and at risk women of Tailoring Unit:

The global lockdown scenario has most affected the poor, vulnerable & marginalised communities who were dependent on daily source of income. The survivors and at risk women who are part of our training unit were dependent on daily wages that they would earn doing part time job as cleaners, house maids, selling vegetables, housekeepers in hotels. But now due to the lockdown they have no source of income. Therefore making facemasks based on orders is our collective effort to help them sustain during this crucial times.

We are supporting all the three survivors who continue to stay in our centre and other at risk women (who live in the low cost housing in our premise/around our area) with a financial remuneration amount for making the reusable & washable facemasks.

Since March we have made around 400 face masks out of which 250 facemasks were distributed for free in the community.The rest 140 facemasks we have sold to a local Ngo who placed an order with us.

We are praying for Godly favour and provision to get more order for these facemasks which will help us directly support survivors of human trafficking and at risk women we work with.


Personal Updates from Smarin (Bunu) who has been spearheading the Anti human trafficking Initiative in India which she founded in 2015:

During these times it has been so wonderful to be able to rediscover the dimensions of the supernatural realms more deeply. I have come to realise that often God speaks to us through Holy Spirit in both whispers and through a rain of fresh anointing fire.

I have been telling the vulnerable/marginalised communities, the survivors and at risk women I mentor/equip that this might be a time of ‘Physical Distancing’ but not ‘Spiritual distancing’ encouraging them to look at this time as a gift from our heavenly father to draw closer to him & the truth of gospel, to enjoy the forgiveness and mercy that only Jesus provides.


I also feel that what a wonderful opportunity these days we have to pour our hearts out to our heavenly father in earnest prayers. Usually there are so many distractions. Now there aren’t! We are using these moments and encouraging others around us as individuals, as couples, and as families to intercede for the sick, the dying, the frontline workers the unreached, for the government, for all those who don’t yet share the sure and certain hope that is ours in Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers for my health since my diagnosis with breast cancer. I praise God that He has been my great healer who has renewed every cell of my body with His life force.

I am able to actively go for community outreach distributions and spearhead all the work related to anti-human trafficking initiative.

My follow up check up for Mumbai has been postponed due to the rapid spread of Covid19 virus there. We procure my cancer maintenance medicines every week sometimes we have to wait more than a week here as we are unable to order it online as all delivery services across the nation is called off. We would appreciate your prayers for me & my husband as we are strongly interceding in prayer for Mumbai as a city as it has the only major cancer research institute in India catering to the needs of thousands of cancer patients daily. Sooner or later we will also need my uninterrupted cancer follow up check up visits in Mumbai.

Personally I and my husband Vikrant has been able to enjoy the daily communion together shared by Trevor & Revival fires team and have been blessed to also have this time of rest in him spiritually nourishing ourselves.

We are also thrilled to complete three years of our marriage thankful for God’s faithful hands of protection & provision over our lives.

We are so pleased for each and every one of you who donated towards the cause we work for in India and we continue to pray double portion of blessings in your lives as you invest in our lives and the lives of those unreached, vulnerable and exploited to bring them to the fullness of restoration centric to Christ alone.

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