Papa’s House Report, April 2020

Dear Friends and Partners of Revival Fires.
We wanted to update you with the latest reports from our amazing Revival Fires team and all they are doing in North East India. You will see how they have taken the love of Jesus in very practical ways to demonstrate the power of God’s love.
Trevor and Sharon say a big thank you on behalf of the Revival Fires team for all you support! You can continue to be part of this mercy ministry by giving to Revival Fires. Please click here to do so.
Today we are facing one of the biggest challenges of humankind in the name of COVID-19. Amid this pandemic situation just like many countries, India has also decided to go under lockdown and close the schools, colleges and universities. Due to this sudden disruption, we were forced to send back most of the students to their homes in their respective villages. We Papa’s House as a team is keeping a constant connection with the family of the students to know about their well being. Papa House has also provided food relief packages for the family of the student during this period of crisis.
1)  we have in constant touch with all the Papa’s House children and their guardians since the lockdown began in March 2020.
2)  The staffs are still here looking after the children who were here until April after necessary arrangements were initiated to send many of them to their villages.
3)  April was the month when it slowly became a reality that things are not looking positive at this point. It has affected us in every sphere and we are still Praying and constantly looking into Christ for his mercy and provisions at this time.
4)  Children who are in their respective villages are keeping safe and healthy until yesterday when we were preparing this report. As they are all promoted to new classes and then this Pandemic hit so we couldn’t arrange for books and other stationeries. Therefore their much time is spent playing around going to the nearby river, looking after the cattle and help in cooking.
5)  One basic and important issue the children face is proper toilets and bathrooms. we saw that most of them have temporary makeshift toilets.
6)  The children are sharing with their guardians and friends about the teachings and practices that they have learned here at Papa’s House. They also share what they have learned in The Sunday school teachings through Bible stories and songs. This is one very positive thing as when we last visited them in the village the guardians greeted us with ‘JAIMASHI KI’ meaning praise the Lord even though many of them are not believers. This is an Inspiring and exciting testimonial for us. We were able to Inspire and imbibe the love of Christ in them which is so true, eternal and pure.
7)  We have been able to visit the children’s villages in May. We were very happy to see them safe given the situation and crisis. But we could understand that the family’s economical situation is not good, lacking proper care nutrition and food and an environment conducive enough for them at this COVID-19 crisis.
8)  During our visit in May, we gave food and ration to each of Papa’s House children’s and their guardian. The food ration had the following:
•5kg of wheat flour
•8kg of rice
•1 litre of mustard oil
•1 litre of refined oil
•Half kg of nutrela soybean.
•Wai wai noodles 10 packets
•2kg of sugar
•250gms puffed rice (muri)
•2kg of dal lentils
•3 Bars of soap
•1kg of detergent washing powder
•Packets of biscuits
•1 kg of salt
•Hand made masks for children and their family
•Sanitary pads
9)  One of the challenges that we are facing now is the regularization of all educational institutions here in India and our state of West Bengal. As we prepare our report today, till date the government have suspended openings of all educational institutions throughout the country to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Given the situation and the rapid spread in the positive cases every day, it looks uncertain as to when a safe and conducive environment will surface so that children’s school till upper primary level will be allowed to open here in India. Moreover, the transport system of our country has not been opened properly. Therefore there is no way that we can bring back all the students for the moment. Like other schools, it’s not possible to take online classes for these children as they belong to an economically poor background and they don’t have the access to a laptop or an internet connection in their villages, which we could have provided if they were in school. Therefore we are trying to come up with an alternative idea to provide them with the education they deserve and need. To add to this with the current scenario and circumstances and the way events are unfolding the government will have very stringent guidelines and regulatory framework for reopening of schools and children residential care centres.
The truth is until and unless the vaccine gets developed it will be difficult to go back to our normal ways. However, the hope is there that the scientists will eventually come up with a vaccine to cure the affected people and we can finally move on with our lives like before.

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