Prophetic Encouragement

At our recent Feast of Tabernacles Gathering, Doug Addison shared this amazing prophetic word over Revival Fires.

It will bless you and build you up and restore hope in God’s promises being fulfilled in your lives! Take some time to pray into it and see the Holy Spirit activate a fresh anointing over you, fulfilling His purpose in these days.

The season of Joel 2 is coming

Jacob’s ladder, open heaven, Gen 26 is over this area. Seer anointing re-released this year. 45 years ago Bob Jones prophesied Billion souls harvest – this is part of the fulfillment of that impartation. Hab 2:3, the revelation awaits the appointed time, though it lingers, wait for it. Pray over prophetic words, they are about to come without delay! Ability to see and hear, dreams and visions and prophetic acts will increase in our region.

Army of seers rising up

You can do it! Don’t have to be a prophet or seer, Is 29:10, sealed eyes of prophets – open! Seers have all the senses, ears, eyes, smell, taste; sense what God is doing. You sense the new things of God. It’s coming a different way, fresh new anointing released to get us through the storm. Encourage people around you.

The houses of the seer are going to open

1 Sam 9:18. Seer anointing is coming, a new strategic level. Some prophecies will move into seer anointing, get a word, then explain it. God wants to open up the house of the seer. Bob Jones house was always open. The Lord is going to position houses of the seer both in person and on zoom/internet, prophesying over people. Virtual houses of the seers – Powerful. Can meet in a house, a garage, a workplace, hotel, it’s been done in any setting! Seer anointing changes how you prophesy – you describe what you see. Doug saw iron bars over Dudley, he broke them off, 2 Kings 6:16. Break off spirit of fear – get your hands ready, distract the enemy. There are more with us than with those against us. Open people’s eyes to see. Angelic realm, open! 

Strong anointing over the finances – Eph 1:17

Spirit of wisdom and revelation, is to know Jesus better. Look to God for the need in your life. Closeness, intimacy with the Lord, step into this season. Is 5:19, prophetic plan, God is balancing the books for repayment. Releasing storehouses from heaven, plans for heaven. He will open windows of heaven, test Him! We know tithing and giving to open heaven, but the storehouses have a new readiness to pour out and replenish stocks on earth. Shifting spiritual atmosphere over people releasing financial strategies and increase. Mal 3 windows, Doug saw them dirty and blocked, God said, we need to clean the windows first! Then I will do something. You will find money; sometimes you have to seek it. Prayer to cleanse generational line regarding cleaning windows, repentance for illegally opening windows.

7 year season, 2013-2020, was filled with contending for things

Now this next 7 years is season of overcoming, anointing to overcome evil. See the big picture – 1 Cor 13:9. The Lord brings the puzzle pieces into place, corporately and individually. New normal opens up Jer 31:13.

Wellspring of joy

Mourning turned to comfort and joy. Lord will give vision and strategic plan, Heaven unleashed over earth. Biblical times, Rosh Hashanah time to examine, Yom Kippur, time to seal, Feast of Tabernacles, book opened, John 7:37, last day of the Feast, NT declares, rivers of Living Water released to drink in celebration. Read John 7, get into God’s timing in this season. He is taking you out of human wisdom, of the world moving you into its time, His strategy is to align you with the right season. Angels coming: timing, wisdom, revelation. We receive that drink from the Lord, to touch every thirsty person, every part. Drink of wisdom, hope, restoration, joy, power. Linger as you drink in the Spirit. Healing well opening, well of joy opening.

Dudley + UK

God moving in government, a gate that connects with Israel opening up. Books need to be written, financial strategies to be discovered, through dreams and revelation. Hab 2, though the vision tarries, wait for it!

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