Prophetic Word for 2021, from Trevor Baker

The Holy Spirit has woken me each day over the last week to reveal what I believe is a word for the coming year. As we step over the threshold of 2021 Isaiah 37 will be a guiding word for us. Let us look with anticipation for the opportunities and believe God for increase and supply realising that what we have come through has prepared us for all that lies ahead.  So step over in faith, hope and joy!

Contraction and Dilation

On Tuesday morning I was woken by the Holy Spirit and heard the words, contraction and dilation. I am bringing you to the place to give birth.

This will be a year of contraction and dilation for what the Lord is about to birth.

There is weariness and weakness in people’s lives as well as in the nations. This has been due to the first contraction of the pandemic – the loss of personal freedom, the loss of social interaction. Social distancing has led to social disruption; covering of faces has led to the loss of personal identity; the contraction of finances due to the loss of income and employment.  

But hidden from all was the closure of places of worship: the spiritual climate was being legislated by governments; those who sought to meet together were criticised and labelled law-breakers.

The second contraction was the social unrest due to racial tensions: the wounds of centuries once again were uncovered by the death of George Floyd. This produced movements throughout the nations to seek social justice for racial discrimination and the reparation of those injustices.

The third contraction was the closing of borders and the restriction of movement between nations: the global village reduced to protecting their own backyards, and nations once again going down the road of nationalism to secure what’s best for them.

The fourth contraction was the long drawn out negotiations of Brexit – the restoration of National Sovereignty. The third largest group of people in the world were fighting behind closed doors for the interests of their own nations and who would come out on top with the best deal. It seemed that politicians had become deal-makers and finance-brokers.

The fifth contraction was the Presidential election of the United States of America, or rather the Disunited States, as the gulf between the people of America were evident for all to see with the  liberal left and the conservative right becoming entrenched in their views regarding Pro-life, Police brutality, Racism and Gun laws.  The outcome of the election is still being contested as the world looks on in disbelief at the Leader of the ‘Free World’. 

There are two more contractions – the loss of a generation, both in the way we look after the weak and vulnerable and then mass unemployment – how we treat those who suffer loss of their social standing based upon income and possessions. 

All these contractions have produced this great weariness and weakness.  Nations are now fatigued. 

But I hear the Lord say: Nations will bring to birth a global harvest!

These grave circumstances will produce an intense fatigue; long-covid will rise this year, but I will release a spirit of power and might so that there will be no terminations or abortions of what I declare, as I watch over My word to bring to birth what I have promised. This will be a time to remember what I have spoken and lay it before me.  It’s time to write the vision.  Prayer will birth My plans, so prepare a prayer birthing room to bring forth the plans I have for you. 

Jeremiah 29:10-11 For thus says the LORD: When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

In the face of opportunity that may seem impossible, remember the sounds, for a new sound will rise that turns every situation around.

But in all this there has been a dilation taking place, an enlargement unseen and unquantifiable in the natural but in the spirit, observable and quantifiable. ‘Hope has been growing in the hearts of My people’, says the Lord, ‘a desire for something new to emerge from the turmoil and pain. 

‘There has been a growing sense of who we are as the Ecclesia, a new identity, a new purpose, a new way. Once again you will be known as the People of the Way, who will become way-makers for others to emerge and experience a crowning moment: a new birth, a new day, a time of renewal of the worn-out ways and a time of revival of the lifeless activities. Those that have been under attack will experience a sudden release and take possession of their inheritance.

‘There will be sounds that though faint now, will become like a trumpet sound; listen for the dialling up of angelic sounds. There will be a turning and although by small degrees now, it will become a 180 degree turnaround. These sounds will be more evident than the forces that oppose you.

‘The Lord says I have used these days for contraction to cause your roots to go down deep, for those who know Me will stand firm.  This firmness is not about your ability to fight but your ability to bear fruit. Without the root deepening there would be no fruit developing. 

‘This will be a year of learning to abide in the Living Word and allowing the fruit to form in you. So what is in you will come out of you.

‘This will be a time when you don’t need to answer the accusations or taunts of the enemy or defend yourself against the enemy. Arguments and contradictions will not overcome you. The Lord says, “I have him in My sights, in My line of fire, and he is within range; he is fast approaching the time of his destruction and defeat.  He is within distance for his down-fall: two shots and he will be terminated; he will be taken out! The first will immobilize the second will disempower!”’

The news headline as I was writing, announced the second jab had been approved in the UK, the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine, after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which is already being rolled out.

‘This will be a year where you move from approval to execution. I will terminate those things that are against you and I will propagate those things that are within you. There are two things taking place: contraction and dilation; don’t be confused because these are actually working together for your good and your growth. So bring forth the promises!’

The Lord says, ‘the time came’ – there is always an opportune time and this year of 2021 will be a year of opportunity. 

Watch the canals, the corridors, for the canals will open, and this will enable safe passage and movement but will also usher in the birthing of a harvest of souls. You have prepared a nursery now; it will be filled with life. The changes you have made will now be required to enable new life to grow. Social media, zoom, online pastoring: all are required for this time of opportunity and increase. There will be a new sound of joy that drowns out the sound of sorrow and all will rejoice together.  It is this sound that will confuse the enemy and throw him into dismay and derision, it will disempower him but you will be empowered!  Remember contradictions are working in your favour! 

Isaiah 37:30 And this shall be the sign for you: this year you shall eat what grows of itself, and in the second year what springs from that. Then in the third year sow and reap, and plant vineyards, and eat their fruit.

Isaiah 37 will be the key to this year of 2021. Verse 31 says: And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward.

The next three years will prepare you for the next seven years!

Do not fear, all you need will be supplied, so there will be no lack and you will be sustained from the resources that are present now. So look to the future and plant, increase and prepare!  What is coming is greater than what you have had and what you have gone through.

As I finish this word I audibly hear the Lord say, ‘This will be a year of sovereign changes’.

Trevor Baker

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